Elden Ring Gag Manga Released

FromSoftware’s famous video game Ring of Elden just turned into a comic or gag manga. The genre usually takes the form of episodic chapters or specific jokes that only those familiar with the title will understand.

Serialized by KADOKAWA with art by Nikiichi Tobita, ELDEN RING: The Road to the Golden Tree is launched for free on the online magazine for teens Cartoon Hu where the first chapter was revealed on September 4. There are currently two chapters, with “Probably a Shrine Maiden” as the most recent release. Fans of the video game and the manga’s comic style can expect the third chapter to release on September 19. Head over to Comic Walker to read them for free.

The site has the manga described as:

Aseo, a poor tarnished wretch, finds himself thrown into Limgrave – naked, penniless, hopeless and without a maiden. His only hope in his tough and unforgiving new home is a mysterious woman named Melina. She urges him to follow Grace’s counsel to the Erdtree that hovers over the Midlands. But it won’t be an easy road; a cast of colorful characters await Aseo along the way – Patches the Untethered, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, Margit the Fell Omen, Godrick the Grefted, and of course, Ranni the Witch… With little but a loincloth between Aseo and certain death , he embarks on the first step of his quest: Stormveil Castle. Will he make it or will his journey end before it even begins?

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