Feminism, sex and Ali Wong: “Don Wong” is a comic masterpiece

This year, Ali Wong decided to give Netflix subscribers a unique and untraditional Valentine’s Day gift with his comedy special, “Ali Wong: Don Wong” (2022). “Don Wong” marks Wong’s third Netflix comedy special besides her previous work with Netflix for his film, “Always Be My Maybe” (2019)and she voiceover for the series “Big Mouth” (2017). As in his previous specials, wong still wears her red glasses and patterned dresses which has become greatly associated with his comedic image.

In his first comedy special, “Baby Cobra” (2016), Wong said, “I think feminism is the worst thing that’s ever happened to women.” Anyone who has seen this special, or his second, “Hard Knock Wife” (2018), knows that Wong doesn’t really hate feminism — she just believes feminism has ruined her dream of being “a trophy wife,” as feminism often encourages women to come out into the workplace and take charge, while that Wong would much rather stay home and be, in his words, “a trophy”. The irony behind this joke is that not only Wong now the breadwinner of his family having had a hugely successful career, but her comedy itself is inherently feminist.

Wong expresses feminism in her comedy by speaking out against various gender disparities and sexism. At the beginning of “Don Wong,” Wong jokes about how when men become successful comedians, their romantic lives prosper and they start dating actresses and models — just look at Colin Jost. However, when women become successful comedians, they find their love life to be bleak. Wong claims this is because men fear women who have more money and power than they do. Iit’s times like these in by Wong comedy, where she says something insightful and intriguing, but in a wonderfully funny way that really highlights just how good a comedian she is.

In addition to feminism, Wong’s comedy is incredibly sexual. Wong makes countless jokes about various sexual encounters she has had or dreamed of, whether masturbating with Jason Momoa Where want to cheat on her husband. From joking about a sexual fantasy involving the cast of “The Avengers” (2012) to performing various sex positions, Wong with confidence and hilarity, once again proves his comedic genius.

Wong also discusses the iconic character, Hello Kitty. After 15 minutes of the special, after explaining how her direct messages are filled with chilling messages from her male fans, Wong says, “I never check my DMs, and when I do, it’s only to see if Sanrio, the owners of Hello Kitty, finally contacted me to offer a sponsorship.

Hello Kitty aside, the shining star of “Don Wong” it’s jokes Wong talks about cheating on her husband. Near the start of the special, Wong says, “I think about cheating on my husband every five minutes. I have not done it yet. Not because I’m a good person, just because no good opportunity presented itself. She quite frequently brings up her husband’s deception, but she doesn’t bring up the subject until much later. As the end of her special nears, Wong answers the question many viewers and those watching at home might have regarding what her husband thinks of these jokes. wong provides the perfect answer to the question:At the moment… my husband is at home, in the house that I bought, telling time on the rolex i got it for fathers day, jerking off to porn it streams on high speed internet which i pay monthly He doesn’t care what I say on stage, because he’s too busy living the life I wanted for myself. Not only is this joke perfect towards the end of his set, because it parallels his entire “trophy wife” jokes from her previous special, but it also fully captures her essence as a fearless comedian who doesn’t care how people see her – she lives her life the way she wants.

In its entirety, Ali Wang delivers another spectacular comedy special with “Don Wong. » The special is undoubtedly his dirtiest and most sexual yet; however, she stays true to her non-mainstream feminist comedy roots that her fans love. With its third special, wong solidified its place as one of the elite comics of the modern era, with the ability to connect with its audience and the confidence to say what it wants, regardless of how others react. For many Asian Americans, it is refreshing and inspiring to see wong continue to grow as a comedian and become an even bigger figure in the entertainment industry.