First look at what’s coming to Netflix in November 2021

Welcome to your first look at what’s coming to Netflix next month, where we’ll dive into all the new movies, TV shows, and specials coming out in November 2021.

Note: this will be updated over time to reflect the new versions that have been announced. Keep it in your favorites. A full list is expected to be released by Netflix in the last two weeks of October 2021.

As always, where there are additions, there are also deletions. Keep an eye out for all the movies and TV shows that will be leaving in November 2021.

For an expanded list of Netflix Originals coming in November, we have a separate preview for these.

Full list of what’s coming to Netflix in November 2021

What’s new on Netflix on November 1st

21 Jump Street Netflix

  • 21 rue du saut (2012) – Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in this reboot about a pair of cops sent back to high school to bring down a drug ring.
  • Angry Birds (Season 4) – New batch of episodes of the animated series based on the popular mobile game.
  • Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (2005) – Dave moves to Brooklyn to throw a big neighborhood music party. Features massive musical talent including Common, Mos Def, Bilal, Lil ‘Cease, and more.
  • Gather (2020) – Documentary by Sanjay Rawal that shows how Native Americans fight to claim their identity, either spiritually or culturally.

Ghost Land Netflix

  • Incident in a Ghostland (2018) – Pascal Laugier writes and directs this horror about a mother of two children inheriting a house instantly targeted by murderous intruders.
  • JoJo’s bizarre adventure (season 4) – The next season of the animated series.
  • Montford: the Chickasaw rancher – SVOD debut for this western about a Chickasaw man surviving great difficulties to establish a breeding empire.
  • Snakes on a Plane (2006) – Samuel L. Jackson cult-classic where snakes are indeed on a plane.
  • The Claus family (2021) NOT – Dutch holiday movie where a young boy finds out that his grandfather is Santa Claus.
  • The Forgiven (2017) – Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana star in this film, which takes place shortly after the end of apartheid and follows an Archbishop who meets a brutal murderer.

The Nightingale Netflix

  • The Nightingale (2018) – An Australian thriller set in 1825 about a young Irish prisoner chasing a British officer through the dense and wilderness of Tasmania.
  • Thir13en Ghosts (2001) – Matthieu Lillard (Scooby doo) headlines this fantastic family horror about a wealthy collector leaving a haunted house and its possessions to his nephew.
  • When a Stranger Calls (2006) – Simon West realizes this horror about a high school student babysitting.

What’s new on Netflix November 2

  • Ridley Jones (Season 2) NOT – Chris Nee’s animated children’s show where Ridley pursues his adventures while defending the Natural History Museum.

What’s new on Netflix November 3

The Harder They Fall November 2021 Netflix

  • The more they fall (2021) NOT – Our most anticipated film to close 2021 is this new western with a huge ensemble cast. We follow an outlaw in the saddle for revenge.

What’s new on Netflix on November 4th

  • Amine – Classic drama from Nigeria.

What’s new on Netflix on November 5th

  • Big Mouth (Season 5) NOT – More antics with our favorite puberty monsters.
  • Gloria (Season 1) NOT – Portuguese series set at the end of the 1960s about a radio engineer who hides many secrets during the Cold War.
  • Hard Love (2021) NOT – Romantic comedy about a girl from LA who is unlucky in love and falls with someone only to find out she’s been trapped. Stars Nina Dobrev and Darren Barnet.

Narcos Mexico Season 3 Netflix November 2021

  • Narcos: Mexico (Season 3) NOT – The final season of the Mexican spin-off set in the universe of Narcos.
  • The unlikely murderer (season 1) NOT – Limited edition out of Sweden that follows a plot to assassinate the Swedish Prime Minister.
  • We Couldn’t Become Adults (2021) NOT – Japanese love film about a 40-year-old recalling his past relationships.

What’s new on Netflix November 7th

  • Santa Claus is back (2021) NOT – Four conflicting sisters take a crash course in family togetherness when their long-lost father shows up for Christmas at their chic ancestral mansion.

What’s new on Netflix November 10th

  • Gentefié (Season 2) NOT – Marvin Lemus & Linda’s comedy-drama Yvette Chávez returns for a second season after the lives of three Mexican-American cousins ​​chasing the American dream.

Original Netflix Movies Coming In 2021 And Beyond

  • Passage (2021) NOT – Drama set in the early 1920s in New York City after a black woman finds her world upside down when she meets a childhood friend who masquerades as white.

What’s new on Netflix November 11

A boy called Christmas November 2021

  • A boy called Christmas (2021) NOT – The big Netflix vacation movie which is a co-production with Sky. About a young boy called Nikolas who goes on an adventure to find his father.

What’s new on Netflix November 12

red notice netflix fall 2021

  • Red notice (2021) NOT – Action thriller starring the three GOATs Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot together for a blast.

What’s new on Netflix November 17th

  • Christmas Stream (Season 1) NOT – Christmas series from France.
  • Tiger King (Season 2) NOT – Do you remember that crazy documentary from the start of the pandemic? Well, he’s back and promises even crazier stories from the world of Joe Exotic.

What’s new on Netflix November 18th

Princess Switch 3 Netflix

  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021) NOT – Vanessa Hudgens plays three characters in the third entry of the Netflix vacation franchise.

What’s new on Netflix November 19

Cowboy Bebop Netflix

  • Cowboy Bebop (Season 1) NOT – Huge new live-action adaptation of the hit animated series about a team of bounty hunters on the hunt for the world’s most dangerous criminals.
  • Hell (Season 1) NOT – New Korean supernatural series (who could be the next Squid Game?) About people who learn when they are going to die and are then hunted down by angels of death.
  • Tic, Tic… Boom! (2021) NOT – Musical performed by Lin Manuel-Miranda with Andrew Garfield. About a man about to turn 30 and come to terms with his current position in life.

What’s new on Netflix November 20

  • Soufflé: Christmas (season 1) NOT – A Christmas spinoff series where glassblowers compete against each other to create weird and wonderful works of art.
  • New World (Season 1) NOT – Korean reality TV series that sees six celebrities compete in a virtual world.

What’s coming to Netflix on November 21st

  • Undercover (Season 3) NOT – The Belgian co-production with Eén returns for a third season.

What’s new on Netflix November 23

  • Waffles + Mochi Holiday Party (2021) NOT – Waffles and mochis are at home for the holidays in the land of frozen foods.

What’s coming to Netflix on November 24

  • Contused (2021) NOT – Halle Berry stars and directs in this sports drama where she stars as a disgraced MMA fighter who is about to get her life back on track.

Robin Robin Netflix

  • Robin Robin (2021) NOT – Aardman Animation is bringing us two Christmas treats this year, but the first is a special stop-motion musical animation.
  • True story (limited series) NOT – Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes co-star in this scripted series about a comedian and movie star stopping in Philadelphia during their tour.

What’s new on Netflix November 25

  • Super Scammers (Season 1) NOT – Animated series based on the Millarworld comic (which is also receiving a live-action adaptation) from the studio behind My hero university.

What’s new on Netflix November 26

  • A castle for Christmas (2021) NOT – A romantic holiday comedy starring Cary Elwes and Brooke Shields.

The Chocolate School Season 1 Netflix

  • Chocolate School (Season 1) NOT – New culinary reality TV series where 8 pastry and chocolate professions are heading towards the chocolate school to improve their skills.

What’s new on Netflix November 28

  • Elves (Season 1) NOT – Danish Christmas horror series about two siblings visiting a remote island where elves are found, but not the kind you see in traditional Christmas movies.

What are you most excited to watch on Netflix in November? Let us know in the comments.

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