Flash point [SPOILER] Becomes DC’s New Two-Face in Horrifying Ways

The following article contains spoilers from Flash point beyond #2, on sale now from DC Comics.

Flash point beyond turns Gilda Dent into a new Two-Face in a gruesome way.

In Flash point beyond #2, Flashpoint Batman goes to Arkham Asylum to talk to Roger Hayden aka the Psycho Pirate, hoping to learn something about how the Breaking point The universe is back and how to bring back the timeline where Bruce Wayne is Batman. He finds Hayden dead when he arrives, but speaks with Harvey Dent’s wife, Gilda, who was institutionalized after her daughter committed suicide. After deducing that Flashpoint Batman is Thomas Wayne, taunting him about his family, and calling him a bad father, Thomas smashes his cell window, which Gilda uses to rip off half of his face by smashing his head. .

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Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time a classic Batman villain has been gender-swapped in Breaking point and resulted from a mother losing her child and later mutilating herself. In this universe, Bruce died in Crime Alley in place of his parents, and while Thomas became Batman, Martha Wayne became the Joker and cut off his permanent smile. Martha is actually the cause of the death of Gilda’s daughter, Debbie, as she was kidnapped along with her brother Dexter by Martha in Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance. To make matters more brutal, Martha tricked Commissioner Jim Gordon into shooting Debbie before killing Gordon in front of the two children.

Although Thomas saved Debbie from her gunshot wounds, the resulting trauma led to her suicide, and from Breaking point Beyond #0, Gilda no longer has her husband either. Judge Harvey Dent was murdered in the case, leaving Dexter Dent in Thomas’ care while his mother is in Arkham. Oswald Cobblepot, Thomas’s right-hand man, has been teaching Dexter about firearms and explosives so far in the title, hinting at his transformation into a violent new type of Robin.

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According Flash point beyond writer Geoff Johns in an exclusive interview with CBR, the miniseries will be “a stand-alone story that affects many characters moving forward in the DC Universe”, going so far as to say that it “affects the entire DC Universe”. In addition to returning to Breaking pointThomas retains all of his memories from the main DC timeline and his experiences in titles like Batman, infinite border and Justice League Incarnate. Flash point beyond also contains elements of Apocalyptic clock — the limited series that brought the Watchmen into the DC Universe – with Mime and Marionette returning and Bruce getting Janey Slater’s watch, an item tied to Doctor Manhattan.

Flash point beyond #2 is written by Johns, Tim Sheridan, and Jeremy Adams, with interior art by Xermánico and Mikel Janín, color by Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jordie Bellaire, lettering by Rob Leigh, and main cover art by Mitch Gerads. Variant cover versions of the issue are provided by Xermánico, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, Ivan Reis and Danny Miki. The issue is on sale now from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics