Flawless Drama Filmography of Lee Jong Suk

One of the most popular and best dramatic actors of his generation, Lee Jong Suk, is making waves again with his recent return to the small screen. There’s no denying that Jong Suk’s acting return is definitely awaited by fans and viewers alike, expecting another stunning portrayal of varied roles.

Before becoming an actor, at the age of 15, Jong Suk made his modeling debut and became the youngest male model to debut in the Seoul Collection program at Seoul Fashion Week. He eventually trained as an idol member but left the agency with their false promises to make him an actor. To fulfill his dream of being an actor, he decides to audition during the famous SBS recruitment actor selections in college. In 2010, he finally made his acting debut, which marked the beginning of his acting journey till today. On March 8, 2019, he began his mandatory military service. While serving, he was on a temporary hiatus and was finally discharged on January 2, 2021.

Throughout his acting career, Lee Jong Suk has won numerous acting awards in recognition of his excellent performance. Some of them are: Best New Actor (KBS Drama Awards 2012), Hallyu Grand Award (2013 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards), Top Excellence Award, Actor (2013 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, 2013 Korea Drama Awards, 2013 SBS Drama Awards, 2016 MBC Drama Awards, 2017 SBS Drama Awards), Most Popular Actor – Television (2015 Baeksang Arts Awards) and Grand Prize: Daesang (2015 Korea Brand Stars, 2016 MBC Drama Awards). He also stayed true to being one of the “Kings of Chemistry”, winning numerous Best Couple awards alongside his partners: Lee Bo Young (2013 APAN Star Awards, 2013 Korea Drama Awards), Park Shin Hye (2014 SBS Drama Awards), Han Hyo Joo (2016 MBC Drama Awards) and bae suzy (2017 SBS Drama Awards).

Here are some of his dramas in his flawless filmography, from his rookie years until recently.

“Princess Prosecutor” (2010)

Jong Suk made his official acting debut in the K-Drama series “Prosecutor Princess,” where he played the role of prosecutor’s office member Lee Woo Hyun and served as Yoon Se Joon’s investigator.

“Secret Garden” (2010-2011)

He was then recognized as Han Tae Sun, in the hit drama series “Secret Garden”. He embodies the role of a young genius musician discovered by Oska on Jeju Island. He is somewhat cold and haughty, which explains his previous reluctance to attempt to recruit Oska. Later in the series, it was revealed that he was gay and had secret feelings towards Oska.

“High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legs” (2011-2012)

He would eventually gain popularity in the sitcom “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged”, based on the bestselling novel by Jack Lee. He plays the role of Ahn Jong Seok, the son of Ahn Nae Sang and Yoon Yoo Sun. He attended his old school on an athletic scholarship and was a hockey superstar there. He struggled to fit into academics after spending his entire school career as an athlete. Later, he asked Ji Won, a classmate and neighbor, to serve as his tutor. Despite Ji Won’s lack of affection for him, he gradually falls in love with her. He and his sister, Soo Jung, are almost always at odds. He was once called the “Ice Prince” by his former fan club, but Ji Won eventually changed him to “Ice God,” which he preferred. After a life-saving incident, he and Seung Yoon became best friends.

“My Most Beautiful Moments” (2012)

He becomes the main man of “My Prettiest Moments”, which is part of KBS Drama’s 2012 special release list. He stars as Yoon Jung Hyuk, a popular college student who acts as a tutor and takes care of his sick girlfriend. Jung Hyuk will eventually fall in love with Shin Ae, a terminally ill woman with cancer who wants to live the rest of her life without treatment but is forced into the hospital by her husband.

“School 2013” (2012-2013)

Jong Suk landed the starring role of his career as Go Nam Soon in the school drama, “School 2013.” He is a mysterious student who is quiet but not shy and is frequently harassed by school bullies. However, it is later revealed that he was actually the best fighter at his previous school and had stopped fighting after an incident in the past. This incident happened due to his pride and an unresolved fear of losing Heung Soo, his former best friend, who was leaving their gang. The drama centered on the unhappy friendship between Nam Soon and Heung Soo and the destination of their relationship, despite their previous horrible behavior.

“I can hear your voice” (2013)

He then landed another lead role as Park Soo Ha in the drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice.” 9-year-old Soo Ha develops the extraordinary talent of reading people’s minds by looking into their eyes after seeing her father die and nearly die himself. He promised that he would always watch over Hye Sung when the high school student testified as a witness in court to back up his account of the killer. After harboring feelings for her for ten years, he is shocked to see that she is not at all what he imagined when he finally met her, as Hye Sung is now a public defender. who doesn’t care about his clients and just does his homework. in order to earn money.

“Doctor Alien” (2014)

He then plays the role of the brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, Park Hoon, in “Doctor Stranger”. Young Park Hoon and his father, Park Cheol, were tricked into being sent to North Korea and banned from returning to South Korea. Park Hoon received his medical training from his father, a well-known doctor in North Korea. After attending medical school in North Korea, he became a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon. He met Song Jae Hee there and immediately fell in love with her. After Park Hoon’s father died, he tried to flee to South Korea with Jae Hee but eventually lost contact with her, and only Park Hoon was able to escape and reach South Korea. Park Hoon eventually begins his medical career in South Korea at the prestigious Myungwoo University Hospital. In the meantime, he discovers Doctor Han Seung Hee, a woman who looks suspiciously like Jae Hee but denies knowing Park Hoon.

“Pinocchio” (2014-2015)

He continues his streak of success by playing the role of Choi Dal Po/Ki Ha Myung in the hit series “Pinocchio”. He plays the role of Ki Ha Myung, who as a child led a happy life, but when an accident struck them, sensationalized by the country, their family was left out. His mother attempted to kill herself alongside his, but he ultimately survived as he was rescued by Choi Gong Pil, who believes he was her lost son, Choi Dal Po. He takes this as a chance in a new life and will eventually meet Choi In Ha, Gong Pil’s granddaughter who has “Pinocchio Syndrome”, which causes her to gasp every time she tells a lie. They become close friends and eventually learn that their lives are more connected than they thought.

“W” (2016)

Lee Jong Suk finally takes on the role of Kang Cheol, who is literally the main character of the “W” series. Kang Cheol is the protagonist of the popular webtoon series “W.” In the webtoon, he is co-CEO of online retailer JN Global, owner of the W television network and a former Olympic gold medalist in shooting. The unknown assailant who killed his family was evasive, and eventually Kang Cheol was quickly suspected as the perpetrator due to his history of handling firearms. Kang Cheol seeks revenge against the perpetrator through his broadcast channel W, after being found innocent. He then meets Oh Yeon Joo, the daughter of the famous webtoon’s author and illustrator, who mysteriously enters W’s alternate universe and saves his life after the murderer stabs him on the penthouse roof.

“While You Were Sleeping” (2017)

He stars in the drama “While You Were Sleeping,” a drama centered on the story of three young adults who gained the ability to see the future through their dreams. He portrays rookie prosecutor Jung Jae Chan, who lacks facial recognition but has dreams of a future where he does everything he can to keep them from coming true. Jae Chan was the son of Jung Il Seung, a police chief who was murdered by the same fugitive soldier who killed Hong Joo’s father. He was a carefree teenager at the time, who didn’t worry about his studies. He matured and decided to become a prosecutor after making amends with his father. He gained the ability to see the future through dreams from Hong Joo when Hong Joo saved him from drowning in a lake.

“The Hymn of Death” (2018)

He was then cast in the three-part drama “The Hymn of Death,” a remake of the 1991 film Death Song. He stars as Kim Woo Jin, a genius playwright and theater theorist during the Japanese colonial period. In Japan, he meets Yun Sim Deok, Joseon’s first professional soprano, and falls in love with her despite his marriage and affair with her. Their affair will come to a tragic end, as they commit suicide together, jumping off a passenger ship en route from Simonoseki to Busan.

“Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019)

He then plays Cha Eun Ho from “Romance is a Bonus Book”, where he is a well-known author and the youngest editor in the publishing house. When Eun Ho was a young child, Dan I protected her from an accident and suffered injuries, so Eun Ho helped her while she recovered. The two remain close friends well into adulthood and become strained due to Dan I’s marriage to an inconsiderate man. When Dan I submits an application to work as a temporary task support worker at his publishing company, their lives become even more intertwined. The rest of the series focuses on the difficulties they encounter on a personal and professional level as they go through this new phase in their lives and gradually begin to feel their true love for each other.

“Big Mouth” (2022)

“Big Mouth” becomes Lee Jong Suk’s comeback drama after his military enlistment. It portrays Park Chang Ho, a mediocre lawyer with a 10% success rate who is known by his colleagues in the legal profession as “Big Mouth” due to his propensity to speak out loud before acting. When he is mistaken for the brilliant con man known as “Big Mouse”, his life is now in danger.

Of these many outstanding roles, which Lee Jong Suk character is your favorite? Which drama do you prefer to watch again and would you also recommend to other drama viewers?