Grand Island Little Theater brings back a comedic take on world history | Local news from the Big Island

Grant Pyper, left, and Greg Sallans performed their next two-person show, “The Big Bang” from the Grand Island Little Theater. The show runs from October 8 to 10 and from October 15 to 17

Josh Salmon, The Independent

JEFF BAHR, the independent

GRAND ISLAND – The cast of “The Big Bang” have fond memories of the first time Grand Island Little Theater put on the show – in 2008.

The happy memories are partly because it was so much fun to do, and also because of how the audience grew with each performance.

Steven spencer

Steven spencer

“It started slowly the first week, then the second week was really word of mouth,” said Steven Spencer, who was one of the directors in 2008 and is back now, 13 years later.

At the time, “It was a joy to watch the audience grow, grow and grow, until I think we sold the last two performances,” actor Grant Pyper said. Audience growth is the result of “everyone talking about it”.

Greg Sanchez, the other director, also recalls that attendance “only really increased on the second weekend. At that point, you would always wish you had one more weekend.

Greg Sanchez

Greg Sanchez

“We hated shutting it down last time,” said Greg Sallans, the show’s other actor.

Thirteen years later, audiences will have another chance to see what is basically the same production.

Pyper and Sallans are back as two stars in the musical, which is again directed by Spencer and Sanchez.

When the people at GILT get together, “The Big Bang” comes back all the time, Sallans said.

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