Happy Birthday Lee Jung Jae: 4 Dramas Starring “Squid Game” Star You Must Add To Your Watchlist


Happy Birthday to our very own Seong Gi Hun aka Lee Jung Jae! The handsome and talented actor is 49 years old (50 at Korean age). Lee Jung Jae was born in Seoul, South Korea and was discovered by designer Ha Yong Soo while working in a cafe in Apgujeong, then worked as a model for several years. He made his acting debut with the television series “Dinosaur Teacher” and became a household name with the hit television series “Feelings”.

However, a small but crucial role in 1995’s “Sandglass” catapulted him into national idol status, so much so that his screen time was increased throughout the series. Since then, this talented star has worked in countless award-winning movies and TV series, and with the 2021 hit survival drama series “Squid Game” he has achieved well-deserved global recognition across the globe. On her special day today, we take a look at 4 Lee Jung Jae Dramas, which you must now add to your watchlist.

1. Chief of Staff

JTBC’s 2-season political series is packed with enough drama, backstage and siege suspense to keep viewers hooked on the drama. The story of politicians and their aides trying to climb the political ladder. Lee Jung Jae is formidable as Jang Tae Jun, a detective turned political aide who is loyal to a lawmaker whose ambitions are on the rise. He stars alongside Shin Min Ah who plays the role of Kang Seon Yeong.

2. Triple

Want to watch Lee Jung Jae in a cute romantic drama? Well, this is the recommendation you have been waiting for! Lee Jung Jae plays Shin Hwal, a man in his thirties who works in an advertising agency with these two best friends and roommates. Life turns upside down when her long-lost sister-in-law Lee Ha Ru, played by Min Hyo Rin, moves into her bachelor apartment and their lives become entangled, creating a fun and vigilant network of relationships!

3. Air City

Romance is in the air in this one, and literally! The series boasts of a talented star cast that includes Lee Jung Jae, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jin Wook, and Mun Jung Hee in the lead roles. The series revolves around the work and romance of four airport workers, showing the inner workings of the airline industry. Lee Jung Jae plays Kim Ji Sung, a reckless agent of the National Intelligence Service who doesn’t hesitate to break the rules and ruffle a few feathers in the name of national duty.

4. Hourglass

One of Lee Jung Jae’s earliest works and the drama that propelled him to “National Heartthrob” status! One of the highest rated dramas in Korean television history, it is a description of the tragic relationship between three friends affected by the political and civil oppression of the 1970s and 1980s in South Korea. The series is an intoxicating mix of melodrama, politics and action. Lee Jung Jae plays Baek Jae Hee, the heroine’s silent and devoted bodyguard and was highly regarded for his performance.

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