Happy days are back at 50’s Doo Wop Diner in Wildwood

Have you ever wished you could be transferred in time to visit another time and place? Have you ever dreamed of running into the Fonz or the Betty Boop? Well, you might be lucky and it’s only a short drive here on the Jersey Shore.

By the way, when you travel back in time, you can also enjoy delicious food. Where is this place? According to an article by “Only in your stateThis attraction is located in Wildwood, actually on the Wildwood Boardwalk, New Jersey.

the Doo Wop dinner is a restaurant where you can travel back to the 50s and enjoy a delicious meal with your family. According to Only In Your State, “It’s always fun to travel back in time, and if you’re looking for a place to revisit the past in New Jersey, we’ve found it! The Doo Wop Diner is an old-fashioned, retro soda fountain located in one of New Jersey’s most charming coastal towns.

One item that looks like a must-try is their French toast which is served with fresh fruit for breakfast. Perhaps their classic 50s burger, which is always a must in any restaurant in Jersey. Maybe a fountain to drink like a malt next door?

What’s always fun too is a walk along the historic Wildwood Parkway. So take a stroll and enjoy the boards, then grab a bite to eat at the 50s Doo Wop Diner, now it’s a fun Jersey-style outing and perfect for this summer.

If you’ve eaten at Doo Wop Diner, let us know what you recommend and share your comments below.

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