Harley Quinn’s New Power Makes Her Invincible Plot Armor Official

Harley Quinn just found a new way to survive the apocalypse in DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1, formalizing his usual plot armor.

Warning: contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1!

In limited series DC Vampire Slayer: Slayers, harley quinnThe long-evident plot armor finally gets literal with an awesome new power. While all of DC’s other living heroes and villains struggle to stay alive against an army of the undead, Harley’s new ability makes her one of the resistance’s most powerful assets.

dc the vampire slayer has the heroes of the DC Universe facing an undead threat, similar to the popular series Deceased. As a vampiric menace begins to wipe out the Justice League one by one, Batman struggles to get to the bottom of it, knowing that anyone could already be turned into a vampire. After Dick Grayson surprisingly reveals himself to be the King of the Vampires and eliminates several members of the Bat Family from within, the heroes are overwhelmed and the vampires reign supreme. A link titled CC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 sees resistance member Jim Gordon deliver a vial of Lex Luthor’s blood, one of the only things capable of killing a vampire, to Harley Quinn, now the leader of an underground criminal network.


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DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1, by Matthew Rosenberg, Mike Bowden and Eduardo Mello, following the sixth issue of the main title, focuses on Harley Quinn and her new role as a crime boss. When Catwoman turns out to be a vampire and tries to bite her ex-friend, Harley makes a potentially game-changing revelation: she’s injected Lex Luthor’s blood. This grants her immunity to infection from vampires and actually kills Catwoman when she tries to feed on Harley.

harley quinn dc the vampire slayer

Harley’s new ability is a major boost in the Resistance’s efforts against vampires, as she now has proof that Lex’s blood can wipe them out. Plus, it means she can’t be killed by a vampire bite like the rest of humanity. This invincibility plays into a common trope with Harley in alternate universe events, as her popularity as a character often means she even survives apocalyptic situations. Harley is currently among the last surviving heroes of the Deceased universe, remaining alongside her partner Ivy as she guards the Green. Incredibly, Harley also manages to be one of the last heroes standing in the Injustice universe, though he played a major role in Superman’s turn to darkness. On the cinematic side, Harley is the only active member to have survived both suicide squad movies, once again proving its durability in deadly situations.

Harley’s survival rate has become a running joke among fans of these alternate universe stories, and DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 continues the trend by giving him a power that literally makes him immune to the central threat. By injecting Lex Luthor’s remedy, harley quinn codified his usual plot armor as an actual ability, surviving in a world where even Batman and Superman couldn’t last.

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DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 is now available from DC Comics

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