Heinz celebrates Spaghetti Junction’s 50th anniversary with limited-edition pasta

Fans of Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction are being offered the chance to pick up a limited edition box of pasta created to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

National Highways hailed Heinz’s decision to produce 500 boxes of Spaghetti Junction, sold online starting Monday, as a “appropriate tribute” to the infamous freeway interchange.

Tuesday marks 50 years to the day since the historic structure opened to drivers on May 24, 1972 – described by the then environment minister as ‘the most exciting day in the history of the road system of this country”.

The label on Spaghetti Junction spaghetti is based on the exchange seen from above (Heinz/PA)

The limited edition cans feature a bespoke label, with spaghetti strands depicting the M6 ​​and A38(M) north of Birmingham city centre.

The £1.50 Tributes are made available through the Heinz to Home site and should sell out quickly.

Officially known as the Gravelly Hill Interchange, the tiered junction got its nickname after a Birmingham Evening Mail reporter described its layout as a “cross between a plate of spaghetti and a failed attempt to knot the Staffordshire”.

National Highways Customer Service Manager Melanie Clarke said: ‘It’s a fitting tribute to see Spaghetti Junction immortalized in – of course – a tin of spaghetti.

“It shows the enduring appeal of the road 50 years after it was first opened to traffic.

“The structure is a true feat of engineering and it is an iconic part of England’s motorway network which, from the moment it opened, has truly captured the imagination of the public and motorists alike.”

The intersection, which took four years to build, is used by approximately 220,000 vehicles per day.

Its complicated appearance from above has already served as inspiration for the vestments worn by clergy in Birmingham, as well as art deco puzzles and posters.

In 2018, star chef Glynn Purnell marked the 50th anniversary of the start of construction work on Spaghetti Junction by creating a dish called Truffled A38.

Gina Cock of Heinz Pasta said: “We love bringing smiles to meals and when we heard it was Spaghetti Junction’s 50th anniversary this year, we couldn’t resist designing this playful limited edition box to celebrate.

“We think Spaghetti Junction is as iconic as our own canned spaghetti, so it was only fitting that they joined forces for such a special anniversary.”