Here’s Every Marvel One-Shot, Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded to a whole new level. Every movie and TV series has become an event for MCU fans. What started as a strictly cinematic series has expanded to include limited runs on Disney Plus to delve deeper into the stories of the Avengers and their various foes and allies. Before these limited runs, however, there was the Marvel One Shot. These shorts filled the gap between previous MCU films. While Disney Plus was able to delve into the Marvel world post-Avengers: Endgame With epic and emotional storytelling, Marvel’s One-Shots were smaller-scale but effective glimpses into the side stories that made up the MCU.

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many One Shots produced once the MCU got way too big for shorts. But the ones that were produced provided some solid laughs and even introduced storylines that would play out years later in other films. These little shorts acted as a necessary bridge between the films of the MCU’s first phase, and they did so in hilariously impressive ways. Find out how each Marvel One-Shot compares to one another.

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5 Item 47

More Marvel One-Shots Will Happen When It's Time

For a brief time, Lizzie Caplan was part of the MCU when she appeared in the Marvel One Shot, Item 47. This hilarious short, set after the first Avengers movie, follows a couple as they embark on a crime spree using a derelict weapon left behind by the Chitauri invaders during the Battle of New York. The weapon, known as Item 47, is obviously wanted by Agents of SHIELD in this awesome Marvel version of Bonnie and Clyde.

4 A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s hammer

one-shot thors hammer

One of the best things about the Marvel One-Shots was the use of the Phil Coulson. His first appearances before Agents of SHIELD were much too short. A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s hammer offered more time with the fan favorite. Located between the events of iron man 2 and Thor, the short film followed Agent Coulson as he traveled to New Mexico to investigate a mysterious object that would turn out to be Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir. Coulson’s mission takes a detour as he must foil a robbery at a convenience store.

3 The consultant


The MCU became a reality when Tony Stark appeared in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk. While it’s not entirely clear why Stark should tell Thunderbolt Ross about the Avengers Initiative, it was an intriguing setup that would be developed in one fell swoop, The consultant. In it, Agent Coulson meets with Agent Jasper Sitwell to discuss the Avengers Initiative. They express their concerns over the World Security Council’s plans to recruit Emile Blonsky for the team. Tasked with asking General Ross to release Blonsky from prison, the agents decide to send someone so annoying that General Ross would refuse to free Ross. Tony Stark was that boring man and the rest is history.

2 Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell wants to revive Agent Carter for season 3

Agent Peggy Carter has become such an important part of the MCU, and it was the Marvel One Shot that helped push her character forward. Agent Carter takes place after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. Although she helped Captain America defeat the Red Skull, her skills as a spy are still underutilized by the SSR. However, Carter does not take this lightly and sets out to solve a case on her own. The shorts help fill the gap between The First Avenger and the founding of SHIELD as the film ends with Howard Stark recruiting Carter to help found the notorious organization. the Agent Carter One Shot is notable for leading to the short-lived but well-received spin-off television series, Agent Carter.

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1 Long live the king

Second One-Shot Marvel: All Hail the King Clip with Ben Kingsley

iron man 3 was a financial and critical success; however, one of the film’s most infamous changes polarized many. Although he was introduced as the main villain, The Mandarin, Ben Kingsley turned out to be an actor simply pretending to be the terrorist villain. While iron man 3 was well received, some were disappointed that the old shellhead never faced his arch nemesis from the comics. hail you king helps correct this change.

The short followed Kingsley’s character, drunken comedian Trevory Slattery, as he is interviewed for a documentary in prison after the events of iron man 3. Kingsley continued to impress as an alcoholic would-be villain and there was even an appearance by iron man 2 villain, Justin Hammer played by the hilarious Sam Rockwell. More importantly, the one-shot helped reclaim Mandarin from iron man 3 when it is revealed that there was actually a man known as the real Mandarin of the Ten Rings organization, and he was not too happy with Slattery’s portrayal of him. Impressively, this plot point would not be revisited for nearly a decade until Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was released in 2021. There, Wenwu, the man Slattery posed as, is revealed to have held Slattery captive for years.

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