How Fans Around the World Can Watch the Disney+ K-Drama


  • Crazy Love is an unorthodox romance thriller starring Krystal Jung and Kim Jae-wook.
  • K-drama is available on Disney+ in select regions using a VPN
  • Fans can watch Crazy Love on streaming sites

Kim Jae-wook and Krystal Jung for the K-drama “Crazy Love” | through KBS

Streaming platforms continue to release exciting new Korean dramas for fans to watch. The one that aroused interest is Crazy Love Disney+ K-drama. K-drama stars His private life actor Kim Jae-wook and idol-turned-actor Krystal Jung in the lead roles. Crazy Love promises a unique twist on a romance but isn’t readily available to fans around the world. Here’s how K-drama fans can keep up with the latest episodes.

A CEO Gets Death Threats And His Secretary Goes A Little Crazy In ‘Crazy Love’

Noh Go-jin (Kim) is one of Korea’s leading mathematicians with immense success, wealth, and intelligence, despite only having a high school diploma. He is also CEO of GOTOP Education. For many, he is the perfect bachelor being extremely handsome, having a high IQ, and more.

His seemingly great life falls apart when he receives death threats. Someone warns him of his future murder, and Go-jin pretends to have amnesia to stay alive. Involved in the story is his secretary, Lee Shin-a (Jung). She is quiet, introverted, reserved, and managed to work with Go-jin for a year.

She too is upset when she learns that her time is running out. Shin-a decides to add a little madness to her life and takes advantage of her boss’s amnesia. She poses as Go-jin’s fiancée.

K-drama ‘Crazy Love’ can stream on Disney+ with a VPN

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Disney+ may have gotten off to a good start developing K-dramas such as Snowdrop, Soundtrack #1and now Crazy Love. But fans will be disappointed to learn Crazy Love is not easily accessible to all fans. The K-drama is currently streaming on KBS and Disney+ in select regions. The same thing happened with snowdropswhich was released to American audiences after the initial finale after fans had already watched it in its entirety.

No worries, K-drama fans can still try watching Crazy Love on Disney+ with a neat tip. According to Comparitechfans can use a VPN server to watch the drama.

“This works because most geo-restricted services determine the location of the user using their IP address. Once connected to a VPN, only the IP address of the chosen server is visible. In other terms, if you’re using a server that’s in Korea, websites will believe that’s where you really are,” the site explained.

The instructions are quite simple. Fans should download NordVPN and connect to a Korean server using the app. This allows the user to use a South Korean IP address. Fans can then use their streaming platform of choice to watch K-dramas. Fans can also use ExpressVPN if they run into any issues.

K-drama fans can watch subtitled episodes of ‘Crazy Love’ on streaming sites

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When all else fails, search for streaming sites. Even in the era of popular streaming platforms, fans still turn to online websites to watch their favorite series. There is no doubt that K-drama fans have searched Google for new series to find torrents or a site that streams the drama.

For Crazy Love, the DramaCool streaming site is the next best option. The site has a notorious reputation for having access to many old and new K-dramas, even those currently airing. DramaCool currently has both episodes of Crazy Love with subtitles.

There is one aspect that users should beware of. Online streaming sites are not free from advertisements, propaganda, pop-ups or possible computer viruses. If you use the site, be sure to use anti-virus software or a pop-up blocker.

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