How Ms. Marvel’s powers relate to Thanos

While Kamala Khan is set to make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her comic book counterpart’s origin was tied directly to Thanos himself.

Marvel Studios Reveals New Details About Its Upcoming TV Series Ms. Marvel, officially introducing Kamala Khan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as she develops powers and decides to use them to defend her hometown of Jersey City. Interestingly, MCU’s Ms. Marvel seems to possess different powers than her comic book counterpart while deriving them from a different source. Comparatively, comic book Kamala’s powers were tied to a brazen attack by Thanos on Earth, involving a forgotten MCU property, the Inhumans.

At the 2013 crossover event Infinite written by Jonathan Hickman, the Avengers were off-world and dealt with a cosmic menace known as the Builders that threatened the entire Marvel Universe. Following the absence of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from their home planet, Thanos led an attack on Earth while searching for his long-lost son Thane with the intent of murdering his offspring. Since Thane’s mother was an Inhuman, this put him under the protection of Black Bolt, which resulted in a confrontation between the Inhuman King and the Mad Titan. The confrontation ended with Black Bolt destroying the Inhuman capital of Attilan in Earth’s atmosphere, unleashing the Terrigen Mists stored within onto the human population.

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It has been revealed that Inhumans and humans have intermixed and procreated together millennia in the past, with anyone who inherited a dormant Inhuman gene from their ancestors undergoing the process of Terrigenesis. As part of their culture’s coming-of-age ritual, the Inhumans subjected each of their individuals to the Terrigen Mists so that they could each develop their unique superpowers after remaining in stasis for several days in a crystallized cocoon after their exposure to the alien chemical. Among the humans who were revealed to possess Inhuman ancestry and who underwent terrigenesis after the destruction of Attilan was Kamala.

Kamala was created by Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie, debuting in 2013. Captain Marvel #14 vol. 7 (by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Scott Hepburn and Gerardo Sandoval) through an unnamed cameo as a passing witness to Carol Danvers in action. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, Kamala underwent Terrigenesis due to her secret alien lineage. She developed powers that allowed her to become resilient, gave her superhuman strength and endurance, and accelerated healing. While a fan of much of the Marvel Universe’s superhero community, Kamala was particularly inspired by Captain Marvel after her pre-Terrigenesis contact with the hero and used her as the basis for her own superhero identity.

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Considering the poor reaction to the Inhuman’s brief tenure in the MCU through their short-lived TV series, Ms. Marvel seems to have taken a considerably less complicated path by altering how Kamala obtains her powers and making them distinctly different. of his comic. counterpart. It doesn’t appear that Thanos has a direct role in the Ms. Marvel the TV series though the influence of other MCU properties and a cosmic scale are evident in the show’s first trailer. Rather than making Kamala an Inhuman, Kamala features a more streamlined origin, not beholden to a crossover storyline, and emphasizing the character.

Kamala Khan is set to become the MCU’s latest superhero, and if the first trailer for her upcoming show is any indicator, she’s about to make a splash. Rather than connect her to the biggest threat the MCU has seen so far, Ms. Marvel is set to feature a much more low-key origin of his powers rather than having Thanos responsible for destroying an entire alien city above New York City. And in the MCU, Kamala rose from the shadow of the Mad Titan to become her own superhero and defend her hometown in her own way.

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