How the Autobot Eject Became a Sadistic Despot

Although Transformers media is notorious for occasionally changing their characters’ personalities, one of the most shocking was turning an Autobot into a sadist.

The Transformers the franchise is no stranger to making drastic changes to its vast plethora of characters, and one of the biggest character changes happened on the show. Beast Wars: Uprising published for the Transformers: Collectors Club magazine. Beast Wars: Uprising was an alternate version of the 1996 Beast Wars: Transformers TV series (written by Jim Sorenson and David Bishop) that turned the iconic Autobots and Decepticons into the oppressive overlords of the Beast Wars factions known as the “Maximals” and “Predacons”. This drastic change of context transformed the Autobot known as Eject (formerly Blaster’s mini-cassette accessory) into a despotic administrator of gladiators.

The response to Eject’s abrupt personality change was made in a Beast Wars: Uprising prequel comic in which Predacon leader Megatron successfully travels back in time to kill legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime before he can defeat the Decepticons. Commander Maximal Optimus Primal attempted to revive the downed Prime like he did in the TV series, but Megatron destroyed Leader Maximal before he could succeed. In a desperate attempt to prevent the Predacons from winning, Predacon-turned-Maximal Blackarachnia killed the original Megatron, an act that caused an immense shift in the timeline.

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Without the moral direction of Optimus Prime, the Autobots of the past have committed increasingly amoral actions in an effort to defeat the Decepticons. This ultimately led to humanity banishing both factions to their home planet of Cybertron, where they continued to fight for increasingly scarce resources. Without adequate means to support themselves, the larger Autobots and Decepticons perished while the smaller members of both groups – like Eject and his mini-cassette brethren – managed to thrive in the new environment. The warring factions eventually came together to form the ‘Builders of Cybertron’, eventually creating the Maximals and Predacons as two new energy-efficient races that the Builders of Cybertron could use as their workforce.

Inspired by human history and his love of sport, Eject created the Gladiator Administration Office, organizing arena matches similar to the games of the ancient Romans. These battles saw the lower class Maximals and Predacons fighting for the entertainment of the older Autobots and Decepticons. To ensure that neither the Maximals nor the Predacons would ever gain an advantage over the other, Eject had rigged the games to maintain a status quo and keep himself at the top of the Cybertronian hierarchy.

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Eject’s status finally fell into jeopardy when his protege Maximal Lio Convoy aired the truth about his match-fixing. After providing video evidence of the allegations, Gladiators Maximal and Predacon rioted and Civil War broke out. Eject was tried for execution but managed to save himself by actively working with the Builders of Cybertron to end Convoy’s insurgency.

Eject was then killed in an explosion, using his last moments to make peace with his former ally. Although the once heroic Autobot mostly redeemed himself at the time of his death, the Beast Wars: Uprising series showed just how bizarrely different the Transformers franchise can be with its varying portrayals of its star players.