Insane chaos, but it worked 25 years later

Insane comedies, which normally make a bad impression on the taste levels of the public from which they feed, are occasionally box office monster hits. Malayalam cinema, which has often presented serious films like the USP of the industry, with relevant social issues analyzed to the hilt, has such quirks.

The 1986 release, its title itself being a tongue twister and mouth filling – Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu – was remade in Telugu in 2010 as “Saradaga Kasepu”. The original had an ensemble cast with the heavyweight heroes like Mohanlal, Mukesh and Sreenivasan trying out for prominent roles. The added attraction was that Mammootty appeared in a guest role.

In Telugu, the film was directed by Allari Naresh, a gifted comedy hero accompanied by Avasarala Srinivas. Music was by Chakri and conducting responsibilities were handled by Vamsy. The helmsman had by then made over 20 films and was at the end of his career which culminated with his 2017 release ‘Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor’, a sequel to his popular 1986 film ‘Ladies Tailor’.

The Kerala film, in which Priyadarshan commanded the plot as director, relied heavily on the comedic timing of its lead stars who carried it off effortlessly to make it one of the industry’s biggest hits. . The story (which was about mistaken identities and how a poor man disguises himself as a rich man and vice versa) with its scope for introducing misunderstandings and twists into the sitcom was also fertile ground for touchy slapstick comedy. And it worked at a reasonable level in the repossessed version as well.

‘Allari’ Naresh, who was then in the best phase of his career with nearly 20 films released between 2008 and 2011, had seven films to his credit in 2010. This film is considered one of the super successes of his tenure in the country. movie theater. industry. As a hero, he always enjoyed a niche which he exploited reasonably well during the first decade of his career, in comparison to his other hero brother Rajesh. Still, it’s been a bumpy descent for him for the past decade, with his latest films released in 2021 doing reasonable business.