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Ragdoll stars Lucy Hale, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, and Thalissa Teixeira talk about the AMC + drama and how it compares to Killing Eve & Pretty Little Liars.

The new crime thriller Rag doll premieres on AMC + on Thursday, November 11. The limited series follows the recently reinstated DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes); her best friend and boss, DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira); and the unit’s newest recruit, DC Lake Edmunds (Hale) as they investigate the mystery of the Ragdoll Killer. Based on the Daniel Cole book series and produced by Sid Gentle Films, the workshop behind Kill Eve, with the writing of Freddy Syborn (Ms. Marvel), Rag doll just might be your next serial killer obsession.

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Screen cry spoke to Hale, Hughes, and Teixeira about the show’s mix of horror and humor, what drew them to the project, and how Rag doll compares to Kill Eve and Pretty little Liars.

Screen Rant: Who can do me the honor to tell me why the series is called Rag doll because it’s my favorite aspect.

Henry lloyd hughes: We have a doll, except it’s made of human parts. Six different bodies sewn together to form a grotesque monstrosity called the ragdoll. It’s weird because we’ve kind of normalized this, but it’s weird when I say it out loud.

Lucy hale: I like the horrible, the more it is, the better it is. I like all the dark stuff.

I think when I got the script I love Killing Eve, I just think they made this show so brilliantly. So of course when I got the script they were like, “Oh, this is from the makers of Killing Eve.”

I think these types of shows are very important right now, but what makes Ragdoll so interesting to me other than the brilliant Henry and Thalissa and Freddy’s amazing writing, and the way she was directed it all – [was] humor. I think we can all say that the way they incorporated the humor into the horror of it all makes it, I don’t mean more tolerable, but it just gives it a unique twist. And I think humor is how these characters can go through a situation like this.

i think sally [Woodward] said earlier, just like humans, we have to make fun of things or laugh at them or use humor to face. And I think that’s what Freddy did so well with these characters and the writing.

Thalissa, what was the most engaging part about joining the show? And how do you describe the atmosphere of the show?

Thalissa teixeira: Like Lucy said, said Sid Gentle [Films] did some fantastic things so I was really excited about it. But I think the fact that the show was more of a psychological drama between our three characters rather than a detective crime series really interested me. We all know they love a UK crime show there which is so exciting, bBut I think there’s something really great about it being trauma, PTSD, institutionalized racism. There are so many more layers for each character. I think the script really, really pulled me in that direction.

I don’t want to say too much, but we don’t try so much to solve situations, we actually try to discover the different paths that these three characters took in trying to find out the truth, which is great for me.

Ragdoll AMC Actors

credit: Luke Varley / AMC

Henry, as a person who was part of Kill Eve, how would you say the shows compare?

Henry lloyd hughes: I’ve mentioned this before, but they both have a sort of elegant panache and a stylistic attempt to weave both the grotesque and the absurd. Freddy wrote about one of the episodes I was in, and I actually worked with him many years before.

And I remember the first time I read a screenplay he wrote, a long time ago, and he’s still young, but he was even younger than I said, “You write. as I think. Like the grotesque things that you characters say is exactly the way I think and that taste for the absurd. ” I’ve always followed his career as a fan and I’ve worked with him twice before and so the chance to be able to say those words but on a larger scale, with these guys, was great.

And yeah, I think we’ve added a fair amount of that kind of nerve and irony that Killing Eve has and amazing music and all of those ingredients and made something new.

Lucy, as a person who has invested many years in Pretty little Liars I can’t help but notice that you are returning to your investigative side. How would you say Aria and Lake compare?

Lucy hale: Lake is a professional and Aria was not. I think what was so funny was that in Rosewood, PA the girls sort of called themselves the unofficial detectives of that town. Because their police force was non-existent. We always say to ourselves, “Where are the police and why don’t they call them? “

So that’s the main difference; Edmonds is a real detective. She’s paid for it.

I know it’s a limited series, it’s six parts. Will Part Six be a conclusive finale or is there more to come?

Lucy hale: Many years. A lot a lot.

Thalissa teixeira: There are three books …

Henry lloyd hughes: I would say more to come hopefully. I obviously cannot reveal the end of the series, but there are projects in progress, there are irons in the fire. Who knows what might happen?

Lucy hale: Hope I miss you guys.

Thalissa Teixeira: Poor Lucy arrived in London during the rainiest and wettest summer London has seen in probably about eight years. I was embarrassed every time I woke up to the site. Let’s shoot next season in LA for god’s sake. This poor girl.

Henry lloyd hughes: I want Hawaii for the next season.

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Rag doll Exclusive premieres on AMC + on November 11.

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