Iron Fist calls for cessation in 2022

Just a day after wrapping up an ongoing two-part Ghost Rider / new Johnny Blaze 50th anniversary teaser, Marvel Comics came out with another – this time for Iron Fist.

But as in this new Ghost Rider series, Johnny Blaze returns to his Spirit of Vengeance mantle, Marvel’s Iron Fist teases Danny Rand away from the Iron Fist mantle – a process he started months ago.

In the recently completed limited series Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny Rand and Pei imparted their Iron Fist powers to Okoye to defeat a villain. After their success, Okoye deposited the powers of Iron Fist in an egg of Pei’s dragon, Gork, who was reborn as Gork the Undying – replacing Shou-Lao the Undying, the dragon from whom Iron Fist’s powers had been reborn. been previously taken.

Yeah, you read that right – what a story.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

At the end of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny continued to wear the Iron Fist costume – but when asked about his future plans by best friend and frequent partner Luke Cage, he replied that he planned to “live life to its fullest.”

This now appears to include the unceremonious costume ditching in an alleyway trash can with the words ‘Iron Fist No More’, a familiar image and phrase that is of course Marvel’s latest homage to the iconic Amazing Spider-Man page # 50 from 1967 in which Peter Parker throws his costume in an alleyway trash can.

Marvel plans to reveal more about this Iron Fist project on October 29, with the title or story arc itself set to debut in February 2022.

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