Is it renewed, canceled at Netflix?


After today’s Season 1 finale, will there be a Pretty smart Renewal of season 2 at Netflix? Or, is the most likely scenario here that the show gets canceled? As you can imagine, there are a number of different things we need to talk about.

The first order of business here, however, is that we get some of the bad news: at the moment, nothing is entirely confirmed about the future of the series. We know we would be love to see more, just as we also recognize that nothing is confirmed.

With Netflix, and Netflix comedies in particular, there is a pretty specific model of how they do business. They usually wait a few months, see the hearing, and then choose to renew or cancel from there.

Are there things that Pretty smart has for that? Of course, and some of them start with Emily Osment. She has a huge following there and on paper we think they would like to check that out. The tradeoff, of course, is the simple fact that Netflix has a ton of shows. We’re in a time when at this point it’s quite difficult for one of them to stand out from the rest. It takes a viral show to make it stand out in the crowded field; it doesn’t have to be next Squid game to get a renewal, but at least he needs a little buzz around him.

We’ve seen Netflix show some loyalty to its comedies; however, they were also quick to cancel others. They recently removed a number of shows like this after just one season, so we know they’re not afraid to do something like this if the situation arises.

Do you want to see a Pretty smart Renewal of season 2 on Netflix?

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