Is NCIS Sydney’s Australian Drama? Latest from UK and USA

We are now at the stage where the best we can hope for with the new Australian drama is to become the fourth spin-off of an American detective franchise (NICS: Sydney available soon on Paramount+). NCIS may be the greatest television show in the world, but it was also the case Baywatch in the 1990s, but Baywatch down was a complete joke. the NCIS Franchising is hot in the US, but it’s a multi-channel proposition here.

While there are fewer and fewer local stories being told, there are always more and more international dramas to watch. sondra rhimes latest drama Invent Anna (Netflix, 9 eps) has a juicy plot, although there probably isn’t enough material for it to last 18 years like Grey’s Anatomy.

Invent Anna

If you can imagine grand designs crossed with a chilling murder mystery, you might enjoy The girl before (Foxtel, 4 eps). A mysterious architect rents out his minimalist home but only with a few weird requirements. This drama isn’t as smart as he thinks, but maybe the lead actress Gugu Mbatha Raw will have better luck in his next psychological thriller, Area.

Area is in the works for Apple TV+ which just launched two major dramas. Suspicion (8 eps) is a political thriller that features Uma Thurman, but she’s barely in it. And while it’s a New York kidnapping, most of the action so far takes place in London.


Breakup (Apple TV+, 9 eps), directed and co-produced by Ben Stiller stars Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro and Christopher Walken. With a crazy cast like that, it’s no surprise that the workplace thriller is super weird and looks like something from the mind of Charlie Kauffman.

To reach (Amazon Prime) is here to fix movie streaming error. In Jack Reacher’s novels, a man’s “unstoppable mountain” is 6′ 5″ (1.96m) tall and yet tiny Tom Cruise got the part, despite being only 5’7″ (1.7m), but maybe more in heels.

Now, after two “dull” films, Alan Richson look around the room and To reach (Amazon Prime) gets a much better response from fans. Note that the season finale (and it has been renewed for a second season) is directed by a transgender director and action specialist Mr. J. Basset.

Jack Reach

I’ve watched the first two episodes of every drama just listed, but which ones will I actually finish? Invent Anna got me the most invested, but it’s all on hold until i binge the fourth set of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) this weekend.

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