Is Pretty Smart a true story? Is the Netflix show based on real life?

Netflix’s “Pretty Smart” follows self-proclaimed Harvard-educated scholar Chelsea, who is forced to move in with her carefree sister and three eccentric roommates. Hijinx abounds as Chelsea tries to work on her novel as she is surrounded by the bubbly group of misfits she finds herself living with.

The series has a very auspicious sitcom setup, with each character channeling a personality and lifestyle that fits (or clashes!) Perfectly with the rest of the gang. But could some parts of the show be based on real life? Let’s see if ‘Pretty Smart’ is based on a true story or not.

Is Pretty Smart based on a true story?

No, ‘Pretty Smart’ is not based on a true story. The sitcom is created and written by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, who are credited with an impressive list of television comedies. The characters they’ve created for the show seem to draw on their experience of creating a rich sitcom dynamic that can continue to get laughs over multiple episodes and (potentially) seasons.

Dolgen and Mand previously worked on the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” musical drama series with them taking on several backstage roles. Interestingly, the central character in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is also an Ivy-League-trained intellectual (a lawyer, in this case) who makes an unlikely move to California, much like Chelsea in “Pretty Smart. “. This “fish out of water” setup – which takes a character and places them in an unfamiliar environment that ends up changing their perspective – is a well-known tool used by writers.

This makes it possible to present to the public a story and its characters because, like the protagonist “out of the water”, they do not know the framework of the series either. Some of the best shows, like “Futurama,” “The New Prince of Bel-Air,” and more recently Apple’s Emmy Award-winning “Ted Lasso,” effectively use this trope to create rich storylines and worlds. in layers.

The other rich area of ​​’Pretty Smart’ to mine for comic gold comes, as expected, from the eccentric set of characters. Along with her sister Claire, Chelsea finds herself living in Los Angeles with a not-so-brilliant healer, social media influencer and fitness trainer. This allows for a variety of entertaining situations and dynamics to develop between each of the characters. Considering that both Dolgen and Mand were involved in “How I Met Your Mother,” which had one of the most memorable character sets in recent sitcom history, it’s easy to see where “Pretty Smart “partly draws its inspiration.

Like most multi-camera sitcoms, “Pretty Smart” is based on fictional characters designed to be entertaining and comedic. The creators of the show’s writers have worked together on comedy television before and use well-known tropes to set things right. The show references actual events and plays on current stereotypes such as social media influencers and false spirituality. However, this is all done for a comedic effect, and the narrative remains almost entirely fictional.

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