Is this Steven Spielberg’s worst movie of all time?

Steven Spielberg isn’t exactly known for doing comedies. Of course, his films will contain jokes. After all, who could forget the scene when they stumble upon a pile of dinosaur droppings in the first “Jurassic Park?” Funny, but Spielberg didn’t really go out of his way to make a big comedy where you’re supposed to play a joke every minute or so. Once you watch “1941” you’ll see why it’s mostly stuck with drama.

“1941” is a 1979 war comedy, which follows a group of army guys and ordinary civilians who panic after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They all fear Los Angeles is the next target, and madness ensues. There’s a ton of comedic talent ahead of comedy, including John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, but that wasn’t enough to save this film from critical disdain.

The film owns 42% on the Tomatometer, among the lowest of Spielberg’s films. Plus, when Rolling Stone ranked all of the director’s films, “1941” came in dead last. He is not doing well elsewhere. When looking at other lists of Spielberg’s best films, “1941” is almost always at the bottom. However, it’s worth mentioning that even his worst movie still has merit. “1941” was nominated for three Oscars the year it was released for Best Visual Effects, Best Photography, and Best Sound. It shows just how immense a talent Steven Spielberg is when he can still bring something remarkable to a full flop.

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