John Cho says doing “Harold & Kumar 4” would be “complicated”


It’s been ten years since the last Harold and Kumar movie. (It was A very Harold & Kumar ChristmasThroughout the 2000s, John Cho’s Harold and Kal Penn’s Kumar were iconic stoners in the movies, embarking on a trilogy of silly, secular adventures in places like the White Castle and Guantanamo Bay.

The franchise stagnated after Xmas, but fans still want to see a Harold and Kumar reunion. Answer questions on social networks to GQ, Cho said the creative team – the series was created by writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg – “thought about” it, but a Harold and Kumar The film is much more “complicated” to make now than in the past.

Here is his full answer to a question of whether there might be a fourth. Harold and Kumar:

I have to say that’s a really stupid answer, but we used to have a lot of political and racial jokes, and I don’t know what the movie can do now. I don’t know how to navigate in there. We’re thinking about it, but it’s like a much more complicated business than it was five years ago. But I would like. I really love everyone and I love the characters. Crossed fingers.

Cho may be right. The Harold and Kumar the franchise was pretty present in terms of content, and some of its jokes might not work for audiences in 2021. Plus, marijuana is legal in a lot of places now, and that might make the stories a bit more complicated to tell. . There’s also the fact that Hollywood generally does a lot less comedy than it did 15 years ago. I can imagine a new one Harold and Kumar job. But as Cho says, it could be complicated.

In the meantime, Cho is playing in Cowboy Bebop on Netflix; you can watch any sound GQ Questions and Answers below.

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