Kevin Smith Thinks Antony Starr Deserves an Emmy Nomination for ‘The Boys’

Kevin Smith thinks Antony Starr deserves an Emmy nomination for

Kevin Smith (Clerks) makes it clear what he thinks of Amazon Prime Video’s hit series, The boys, as well as his opinion on Antony Starr (without paddle), who plays Homelander in the popular drama series. On last week’s episode of Smith’s Fatman beyond the podcastSmith says Starr deserves an Emmy nomination for her performance.

“Everybody’s like ‘Herogasm!’ but it’s like f****** this is the episode where like Homelander and Soldier Boy would go head to head and then f****** Butcher steps in and it becomes a f*** to three *** basically fight to a standstill, where he’s chased,” Smith said on his podcast, which covered episode six of the show’s third season. “What’s this guy’s name this actor ? (Antony Starr) deserves at least an Emmy nomination, if not a ****** win. Like an amazing performance not just like “You love to hate him”, like JR Ewing, but he’s f****** terrifying. It continues to be a really cool sight, a very twisty tournament. It continues to be one of the best f****** TVs on TV that isn’t TV because it’s Amazon.

Smith also made sure to give credit to the show’s writers later in the episode.

“But also give these writers an Emmy. I’m telling you up there with the Prime Minister f****** a pig on live TV in this episode of black mirror, this fucking Ant-Man walking in some dude’s d****** it’s like, you know, the bar just got raised, kids. Nothing else will be the same after this, it’s like, how do you keep them on the farm once they’ve been inside a guy’s dick? It was crazy,” Smith said.

received six Emmy nominations in the past, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series in 2021, but no wins. Starr has yet to receive any Emmy nominations.

The complete first two seasons plus the first seven episodes of the third season of The boys are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video with the season three finale slated to drop on Friday.