Korean dramas are fashion goals!

Stunning tweed jackets and pastel mini dresses with cute sneakers and anime accessories – there’s something so eye-catching about Korean fashion that any K-drama or K-pop show would be incomplete without its mention.

There are very different genres of K-fashion inspired by TV shows, pop music, and movies; here are some of the most popular styles worn by leading K-dramas and K-movies actresses.

Park Min Young (R) Looks Chic In A Power Suit In “Forecasting Love And Weather”
Credit: Instagram/@jtbcdrama

Power suits

With their slim physique and toned body, Korean actresses often wear sharp business suits on shows like “Vincenzo,” “Business Proposal,” “Crash Landing On You, and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

Most of the hit shows have depicted hard-working professional leads in fitted skirts and silk blouses with sleek blazers to show off their love for high-end brands and style. Also noticeable are the classic pinstripe pantsuits and double-breasted suits worn by CEOs and successful businesswomen, who sport effortlessly androgynous looks.

The cast of “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” makes a style statement in plaid.
Credit: Instagram/ @theswoonnetflix

checkered love

While Korean fashion is all about famous brands and expensive accessories, humble plaid designs are also very popular. From beautiful plaid shirts to pants in combinations of red, blue, black and white, the craze for plaid outfits is an integral part of Korean fashion. In popular teen K-dramas like “Boys Over Flowers,” “Best Mistake,” “School 2017,” and “Extraordinary You,” the main cast are often seen wearing stylish plaid skirts and uniforms that look everything. except corny.

The cast of W-Two Worlds Apart in pretty pastels.
Credit: Instagram/ @theswoonnetflix

Pastels and prints

While many Korean actresses in TV shows wear cute anime-inspired outfits and accessories that make them look younger, they also wear lots of pastel colors like dusty blue, baby pink, mint green, and purple. The color palette used for the younger characters is meant to boost the “cute” factor. Get inspired by shows like ‘My ID Is Gangnam Beauty’, ‘Oh My Venus’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘The Sound of Magic’ and many more.

sweater and overcoat

The cast of ‘Clean with Passion for Now’ in stylish winter clothes.
Credit: Instagram/ @theswoonnetflix

Representations of the cold season in K-dramas are worth copying for a fabulous winter wardrobe. The gorgeous sweaters, cardigans and coats you’ll see on the actress, paired with soft feminine dresses and expensive boots, scarves and mini handbags, are way better than catwalk catalogs. Men look equally attractive in their turtleneck sweaters and warm knee-length winter coats. Check out the sleek cast of shows like “Private Lives,” “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” and “My Love From the Star,” and get inspired by winter layers.

‘Squid Games’ actor HoYeon Jung (right) in the series’ signature athleisure look
Credit: Instagram/@hoooooyeony

Pop and athleisure clothing

With the global popularity of K-dramas like “Squid Games” and “Racket Boys”, there is an increase in demand for sportswear among fans, who like to watch and relax in these comfortable outfits. Many young people also take inspiration from K-pop stars and dress in sweatpants and singlets to add a touch of sportiness to their daily attire.

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