Lindsay Lohan wants to join the MCU

Lindsay Lohan wants to join the MCU, commenting amid her return to the screen that she hasn’t done an action movie yet and is open to any type of role.

Lindsay Lohan expresses interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Launched into mainstream media at a young age, many are aware of Lohan’s journey, as his career has been heavily followed and analyzed for years. After starring in various beloved and commercially successful projects such as terrible friday, mean girlsand Herbie: fully charged, the actress has experienced a series of negative media and personal struggles that led her to go on hiatus. However, Lohan has gradually made her return to the screen, and her latest partnership with Netflix is ​​considered by many to be an official comeback.


In a recent interview with ForbesLohan talked about his new movie, Fall for Christmas, which she also produced, and revealed what she would like to do next. The actress explained that she loves “see what comes“, but added that romantic comedies are something she will continue to pursue. As for other genres, she noted that she has not yet done action and that she will “like to do something with marvel.” Read Lohan’s full comments regarding his future interests below:

I think I’m always the kind of person who sees what comes and takes it as it comes, wherever the scripts take me. I love doing “romance coms” so that’s always something I’ll be researching and doing a ton when the time is right, but there are definitely others – I’ve never done a movie d ‘stock. I would love to do something with Marvel – just see what happens to me and I’m open to different roles.

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Who Lindsay Lohan Could Play in the MCU

fall for christmas
Lindsay Lohan falls in love with Christmas

In 2014, Lohan revealed that there was a role in The Avengers she wanted, but ultimately did not get. There are also rumors that the actress auditioned for the role of Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff before it moved on to Elizabeth Olsen. However, with Marvel’s extensive source material covering a range of stories and individuals, there are plenty of potential characters she could portray down the line. Much of the talk surrounding the future of the MCU has focused on the introduction of mutants and the eventual arrival of the X-Men. If they decide to go a similar route to the early 2000s films, one choice could be Jean Grey, the telekinetic scientist many associate with red hair.

Another possible character Lohan could play is someone like Dakota North, the daughter of a former CIA agent who uses her combat and investigative skills to help different heroes, like Daredevil. The MCU isn’t necessarily known for its non-superpowered protagonists, but employing more of them could make for some interesting plot developments and fight scenes. There are also several characters within Sony Spider Man universes that have already crossed over into the MCU or potentially will, meaning Lohan could play a role outside of the main franchise. Given the current trend of variants, she could also make an appearance as an already established hero at some point.

Lohan’s second Netflix movie, Irish wishis slated for release next year and the star is already discussing the possibility of a terrible friday sequel, it looks like his return to major movies will come sooner rather than later. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of movies come his way in the near future, and if his acting return can lead to a new role in the MCU. Fans are certainly eager to find out what’s in store for them. Lindsay Lohan and will support her in all that may be.

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