‘Little House on the Prairie’: Which Cast Members Died?

little house on the prairie is a television show that brings back fond memories to many people. Who little house on the prairie are the actors still alive? Here’s a look at the cast members who have passed away so far.

Michael Landon

The cast of Little House on the Prairie | NBCU/NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images via Getty Images

Michael Landon died on July 1, 1991, at the age of 54. Landon, who died of pancreatic cancer three months after revealing his diagnosis, admitted he wished he had taken better care of himself.

During his last interview with Life magazine, Landon said he had “abused” his body over the years. He said he drank and smoked too much. Towards the end of his life, he tried to clean up his diet to improve his chances of surviving cancer.

Victor French

Victor French as Mr. Edwards in Little House on the Prairie

Victor French | NBCU Photo Bank

Victor French died on June 15, 1989. He is believed to have died of lung cancer. French worked with Landon before joining him on little house on the prairie. From 1962 to 1971, he appeared in five episodes of Bargain.

French played Isaiah Edwards on Little house from 1974 to 1983. After the show ended, he played Mark Gordon in highway to paradise. The show aired on NBC from 1984 to 1989.

Katherine McGregor

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Katherine MacGregor died on November 13, 2018. She was 93 years old. One of her earliest acting roles was in a 1951 episode of Love life in which she played the character of Tammy Forest.

In 1954 MacGregor appeared in the film At the water’s edge. From 1972 to 1974, she had a recurring role on the television series Ironside. She played the characters Irma/Mrs. Pyle for three episodes. MacGregor is best known for playing Harriet Oleson, Nelly Oleson’s mother, on little house on the prairie.

Richard Bull

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Richard Bull reportedly died of pneumonia on February 3, 2014. One of Bull’s earliest roles was in a 1953 episode of the television series Danger entitled “Death is my neighbor”. In 1956, Bull appeared in two episodes of Medical. That same year, he made his film debut in Lively.

From 1964 to 1968, Bull starred in the television series Journey to the bottom of the sea, in which he played Doctor Seaview. Some of Bull’s other TV roles include highway to paradise, Mannix, Impossible missionand The man from UNCLE His last acting role was in the television series Chief in 2011.

Dabbs Greer

Dabbs Greer reportedly died of kidney and heart disease in 2007 at the age of 90. Greer played Reverend Robert Alden. One of his earliest roles was in the 1939 film jessie james. In 1949, he appeared in the film reign of terror. Her first television role was in the series Dick Tracy in 1950.

Greer is also known for playing the characters Jonas and Joe Bean on Smoke from 1956 to 1974. Some of Greer’s other acting roles include appearances in The green Line, Palisades, The FBIand Bargain.

Kent McCray

Kent McCray was not a cast member, but he played an important role as production manager for little house on the prairie. He reportedly died of natural causes on June 3, 2018.

In his book, Bright lights Grassland dustco-star Karen Grassle described him as the “secret weapon” behind little house on the prairie. He wore many hats and ensured the smooth running of operations as equipment manager and planner. He also managed the show’s budget. McCray had an impressive 40-year career at NBC. His other production roles include work on broadcasts Bargain, Barnabas Jonesand highway to paradise.

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