Matt Dillon joins Bernadette Peters and Christine Taylor in Patricia Arquette’s “High Desert” series


The popular Apple TV comedy series directed by Patricia Arquette, ‘High Desert’ has just gathered six new members to its team, according to the report. Who are they?

Matt Dillon, Weruche Opia, Bernadette Peters, Rupert Friend, Brad Garrett and Christine Taylor will join the team with Patricia Arquette in the half-hour show.

The series introduces us to Arquette as an addict named Peggy. After the death of her mother whom she loved very much and who lived with her in a small town located in the Yucca Valley in California, she finally decides to start a new life. She makes the overwhelming decision to become a private investigator. The series was first introduced on Apple TV in September 2020.

Who will play what in the series?

Matt Dillon will play the role of Denny, Peggy’s ex-husband, who is also an undoubtedly charming conversationalist and a tirelessly active person. Rupert will play Guru Bob, a retired neighborhood TV presenter. Versuche will play the role of Carol, Peggy’s best friend, who is also the fiancée of an emergency doctor who has her own secrets. Brad plays the role of Brice, a private investigator, whose job is falling apart. Peggy is her employee (she actually forces her to). Bernadette plays Peggy’s mother, Rosalyn. Christine is Peggy’s conservative sister, Dianne.

Untitled Entertainment and UTA represent Matt. Lawyers Jennifer Gray, along with Steve Warren and Grandview, represent Rupert. Curtis Brown, Shelby Weiser and Anonymous Content represent Weruche. UTA also represents Brad with Gendler & Kelly and Management 360. WME represents Bernadette and Silver Lining Entertainment represents Christine.

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Learn more about the series

The writers and main producers of “High Desert” are Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford and Jennifer Hoppe. Arquette will also be executive producing with his lead role in the series. Jay Roach is nominated as the director of all eight episodes and he is also part of the main production. Ben Stiller is producing alongside Jackie Cohn and Nicky Weinstock via Red Hour Films. Tom Lassally and Molly Madden produced while representing 3 Arts Entertainment. John Cameron will also work as a major producer, with Michelle Graham of Delirious Media’s co-executive producer. Apple TV Studios will produce.

This particular Apple TV show is the second of its kind where Arquette and Stiller will be seen working side-by-side. Previously, it had been stated that Arquette would play a role and work as an executive producer in the Apple TV drama series “Severance”, where Stiller would work as a director and also as an executive producer. The duo also worked as a duo on showtime Limited’s highly acclaimed series “Escape at the Dannemora”, which led to Arquette winning a Golden Globe Award as well as an Emmy Award nomination. On the other hand, Stiller also got a nomination for best directing figure for another limited series.

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