Mormon TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul Drama Explained

A popular Mormon TikToker from Utah has gone viral for a wild #MomTok drama involving her and her circle of friends, alleged swapping and apparent multiple divorces.

TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul alleges that she and her husband are divorcing after he more or less cheated on him with a mutual friend by “walking out” of their deal as swingers for not going all the way with intimacy.

She also claims that two other couples in her friend group are getting divorced because some of its members cheated on their partners in their swinger group, resulting in a “tall friend explosion.”

“No one is innocent, everyone bonded with, everyone,” Taylor said in a TikTok livestream.

Meanwhile, some fans think the drama is faked to get more views and influence, and that Taylor and her family are just moving on and not actually breaking up. Now, with his TikToks removed, social media is even more confused.

Here’s what we know…

But first: who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Taylor Frankie Paul is a famous TikTok personality.

The 28-year-old Mormon influencer lives in Utah. She is currently married to Tate Taylor with whom she shares two children together. Their first child, Indy Paul, was born on August 31, 2017, followed by their second child, Ocean Paul, on June 18, 2020.

She got her start as a model and seems to be into the fitness lifestyle.

Why are Taylor Frankie Paul and Tate Paul divorcing?

Taylor confirmed in a TikTok livestream that she and her husband, who were in an open relationship, were getting a divorce. She revealed she was previously “hooked” with a man whose wife was allegedly swinging with Tate. However, she also clarified that the apparent cheating incident and alleged swinging was not the only reason for their separation.

“Divorce ain’t like, all because of this huge blow [in our friend group]. It was more because I felt like we had a lot of other issues and that was just the tip of the iceberg,” she continued.

Taylor has previously claimed in various TikTok videos that she and her husband are ‘soft swingers,’ meaning she and Tate can do anything but have sex with other people, and each must be present with the other for any swinging activity.

Taylor has already moved into her new home. She shared that she and Tate are on good terms and will co-parent their children together.

“The past eight days have been the most painful I have ever felt in my life,” Taylor wrote on Instagram, according to different sources. “I cried and cried with my family and friends over the loss of my family who are no longer together. Tate and I are in the process of getting a divorce, however, I still love him dearly, but that’s what there is better for us. A long painful road awaits us, but I hope it goes up from here.”

It’s unclear whether the post was part of an expired Instagram story or shared in a since-deleted grid post.

What’s the drama surrounding Taylor Frankie Paul on TikTok?

Taylor’s allegations apparently affected and implicated a large group of mutual friends in Utah’s Mormon community, which includes Brayden and Mckenna Rowley; Selver and Victoria Zalic; hunt and Miranda Hope McWhorter; know and Whitney Leavitt; and Samuel and Camille Munday.

Shortly after Taylor announced her divorce from Tate, it was rumored that she cheated on him with Brayden, who is apparently married to Mckenna, a mutual friend from their social circle.

There were other rumors that Taylor had not cheated with Brayden, but rather Selver, the husband of another friend, Victoria. In a TikTok posted by Taylor and shared by Victoriait was confirmed that Selver was not involved.

What is swinging?

According lori lawrenzclinical psychologist at the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health, “Swinging is a social practice involving sexual contact between consenting adults, which may involve exchanging sexual partners or engaging in group sexual activity – but often done in the context of a couple’s relationship.”

Swingers engage in sexual activity with other people as a bonding experience with their primary partner. Swinging occurs when a partner can engage or witness the swinging, which is often referred to as “in the lifestyle”.

Some people who are in open relationships engage in swinging.

Are Taylor Frankie Paul and Friends Swingers?

taylor claimed on TikTok that the majority of his group of friends are also swingers. She also warned viewers that they would likely deny her claim and, indeed, some of her friends denied her claims in their own TikToks and social media posts after she went public with her story.

Apparently, Miranda went live on TikTok and said she and husband Chase were not involved, not swingers and were on good terms with Tate. AllegedlyCamille and her husband Samuel also claimed in a livestream that they were not involved.

Camille and Miranda have since apparently stopped following Taylor on social media.

In a livestream, Whitney would have said she thinks the #MomTok community is fake and claimed she and Conner weren’t involved in any swingers.

It is speculated on social media and fan forums that the Zalics and Rowleys are also divorcing, although no rumors have been confirmed.

For more speculation and rumours, check out this #MomTok Reddit thread featuring a timeline and breakdown of the controversy.

What happened to Taylor Frankie Paul’s TikTok?

taylors TikTok Account is no longer active or available at the time of publication. It’s unclear if she deleted the account after the drama exploded or if it was suspended for some reason.

For now, his Instagram account remains online, although it has not been updated since April 4, almost two months ago.

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