Murungakkai Chips (aka) Murungaikkai Chips Tamil Film Review, Rating & Verdict


Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, who has previously been seen in Vijay’s lead role, Master, is back with his latest film, Murungakkai Chips, which was released today. The film features Athulya Ravi in ​​the lead female role and is directed by newbie Srijar. The film is produced by VC Ravindhar. The Murungakkai Chips teaser and trailer suggested the film would be an adult comedy artist. Did the film live up to its label? Read on to find out!

Arjun (Shanthnu Bhagyaraj) marries Shanthi (Athulya), but his grandfather asked him not to touch his wife during the first night as it is their family tradition. Arjun is not expected to touch, kiss, or romanticize Shanthi on the couple’s first night and it is a test for him to prove his self-discipline and honesty. If he fails this test and has sex with his wife, his family fortune worth Rs. 300 crore will be sold to an orphanage. Did Arjun pass this test or did he drop his family belief which is at the heart of the Murungakkai fleas.

Murungakkai Chips is a strictly adult movie and the writing is very obvious. The film intends to be an entertaining adult comedy centered around the first night between a newlywed couple, but whether the film really entertained with humor is a question mark. The movie has a bunch of rude scenes in the name of comedy and entertainment and it’s absolutely a test of patience. The whole episode of Yogi Babu – Munishkanth – Ravindhar – Mayilsamy – Manobala doesn’t add any value and it feels like a whole different track, far from the main premise of the movie. You delete those scenes and the impact would still be the same. Whether the whole streak pleased the team at Murungakkai Chips is a question we would like to ask.

The initial scenes leading up to the first night are artificially staged, especially Athulya’s conversations with her friends seem amateurish and bad. Murungakkai Chips had the potential to be an entertaining comedy flick because of its premise, but the way the film was written, shot, and packaged makes it a complete drag. The majority of the comedies are made without interest, and even non-intellectual minds might not find the film as funny. The script definitely needed some exciting moments to keep audiences hooked. One can handpick which one-liners and counters that elicited some genuine laughs, wishing the film could have had more such comedies.

Shanthnu is impressive in a light-hearted character, and her laid-back, spirited performance is one of the film’s less positive. Once again he gets full marks with his dance moves. Athulya is pretty on screen and she does her part well, managing to find a good equation with Shanthnu. As already said, Yogi Babu, Munishkanth, Ravindhar, Manobala, Mayilsamy, Madhumitha, are good in their roles, but their streak is no laughing matter except for a few actual references from Ravindhar.

Dharan Kumar songs have a bouncy mood and the background score also helps at a reasonable level. Ramesh Chakravarthy’s cinematography and Jomin’s cut look functional.

Murungakkai Chips is nothing but a compilation of boring scenes in the name of comedy and entertainment!