‘My Name,’ The King’s Affection ‘and more K-Dramas to watch in October 2021

With Netflix’s newest K-Drama, Squid game being the talk of the town, fans may now be looking for other K-Dramas to binge on. Whether you’re a fan of romance, thrillers, or suspense, the world of K-Dramas has it all. If you’ve ever watched overly popular Squid gam, Here are some other movies and shows you can look forward to in October 2021.

K-dramas to watch in October 2021

My name

Directed by Kim Jin-min, the series will be released on Netflix on October 15. The series will revolve around a woman who joins a criminal network in search of revenge. She later becomes an undercover cop as she tracks down her father’s killer. The show will see Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun take on the lead roles.

The affection of the king

Set to premiere October 11 on Netflix, the series will revolve around the Joseon Dynasty, at a time when twins were seen as a disturbing sign. However, the crown princess consort gives birth to twins and her daughter’s life is on the line. To save her, the princess is sent out of the palace in secret. The show will see Eun-bin Park, Ro-Woon Kim, and Yoon-Kyoung Bae in key roles.

Reflection of you

The next series slated to hit Netflix on October 13 will see Shin Hyun-been, Go Hyun-jung, Choi Won-young and Kim Sang-ho take on the lead roles. The show will revolve around a woman who decides to leave her role of wife and mother behind for a brief period and stay true to her wishes. That’s when she meets someone who lacks worldly joys but is full of life.


The show will air on tvN on October 23 and will see Jun Ji Hyun, who will play the role of a top ranger, and Joo Ji Hoon, a rookie, who is also hiding a huge secret. The show will follow the incidents that took place in a particular national park and the duo begin to uncover the truth behind the major accident. It is later discovered that the two have vastly different intentions and are poles apart from each other.

Work later, drink now

This K-Drama will be released on October 22 on TVING. The show will revolve around three friends who believe in the need to get together for an after work every day. The trio have very different jobs from each other, one being a yoga teacher, another being a screenwriter, and the third being an origami YouTuber.

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