Netflix Cancels Long-Awaited Jeff Smith Comic Adaptation

The long gestation adaptation of Jeff Smith by Netflix Bone was apparently scrapped. The news came thanks to a new report from The envelope, which breaks down the recent changes going on behind the scenes at Netflix Animation’s Kids & Family division. She reveals in particular that “several high-profile projects have been unceremoniously canceled” at the streamer, with Bone being among them. The project was first picked up by Netflix in 2019, with the aim of adapting it into an animated series. In addition to BoneRoald Dahl’s animated adaptation by Netflix morons would be revamped as a feature, along with Lauren Faust’s Labor and boredom.

Ahead of this disappointing news, the latest update regarding Bone came from a 2021 interview that Smith gave to Polygonthe creator citing the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the reasons for the delay.

“There were a few people who worked on certain shows that I [asked about]”Smith said at the time. “Because I watched a bunch of Cartoon Network shows and some Netflix shows. Is this person there? Can we have this person? What is this guy doing now? Or what is she doing? And thanks to the pandemic, I was able to have everyone I wanted.”

“I say thank you because there were people who were under contract, but we were delayed for eight or nine months because of the pandemic; [by that time] the contracts were up and I got all the ones I wanted,” Smith added. “I don’t really want to say who they are, because I don’t want to steal the thunder from Netflix but, yeah. I have my dream team of animation people, and I’m pretty excited about it so far.”

Bone follows cousins ​​Bone, Fone Bone and Phoney Bone after being driven out of Boneville and into a larger world of magic and adventure. Smith oversees the adaptation himself. the Bone The comic began publication in 1991 and ran for 55 issues, reaching its conclusion in 2004. The series has won 10 Eisner Awards and 11 Harvey Awards.

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