New Cobra Kai Unconnected Karate Kid Movie Confirms Series Creator

Cobra Kai creator Jon Hurwitz confirms that the upcoming Karate Kid 2024 movie is unrelated to the popular TV series.

The creator of Cobra Kai confirmed the new announcement Karate Kid the film will not be connected to the Netflix series. The Karate Kid opened in 1984 and became an instant classic spawning two direct sequels with The Karate Kid Part II in 1986 and The Karate Kid Part III in 1989. Columbia Pictures, the distributors behind the franchise attempted to keep the brand alive with the spin-off film The Next Karate Kid in 1994 and a reboot in 2010 with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.


In 2018, the franchise continued with the series Cobra Kai on YouTube Red. The series saw the return of popular fan-favorite actors like William Zabka, Ralph Macchio and Martin Kove reprising their iconic characters from the original trilogy while introducing a new cast of young characters. Cobra Kai was a hit with audiences and critics alike, and after season 2 the series was picked up by Netflix where its viewership reached a wider audience and became one of the streamer’s biggest series. Cobra Kai just launched its fifth season on Netflix on September 9, 2022, and while there’s no official confirmation of season 6, the creative team seems confident it will happen.

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The popularity of the series has led many to believe that the recently announced announcement Karate Kid film that Sony has dated for release on June 7, 2024, was going to be connected to Cobra Kai in some form. However, according to Jon Hurwitzone of the creators of Cobra Kai, it seems that the film has no connection to the series and the creators are not involved at all. Hurwitz revealed that he would still like to do a Cobra Kai movie one day. Read Hurwitz’s tweet below:

The decision to continue the Karate Kid series but not connecting it to the popular TV series that has already continued the franchise is a headache. When the movie was announced by Sony, they rated it “would return to the original Karate Kid franchise“. It’s currently unclear whether the upcoming film will now follow Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi in a separate timeline similar to the new one. Halloween trilogy, or if they’ll just focus on a different group of characters in the same universe of Karate Kid in a manner similar to The Bourne Legacy.

Sony seems to be getting closer to the Karate Kid franchise similar to both Spider Man and ghost hunters. Sony has the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider Man film series, animation spider worms movies, and the interconnected universe of movies that includes Venom, Morbiusand the next Kraven the hunter named Sony’s Spider-Man universe. The studio also has both a suite to Ghostbusters: Afterlife scheduled for release in 2023 and an animated film ghost hunters movie in the works to expand the franchise. Sony now seems to want the Karate Kid brand to continue on different platforms, on both TVs with Cobra Kai and the big screen in a new series of films.

Source: Jon Hurwitz/Twitter