New Moon Knight Art Reveals Unused Suits For MCU Mr. Knight

Fans were surprised when it was revealed that Marc Spector’s alter-ego, Mr. Knight, would make his debut in the Moon Knight series so soon. But, it was quickly shown on the show that this specific suit would belong to Spector’s alter-ego, Steven Grant. This was a fortuitous change that helped audiences identify who was in control and further characterize the two identities.

Marc Spector donned the more elaborate Khonshu outfit, knowing his situation with the moon god better, while Steven Grant was given a well-tailored modern-era suit. This not only presented Grant as a gentleman, but also completely alienated him from Spector’s deal with Khonshu.


However, new artwork from pre-production of the series shows that Mr. Knight could have gone in a more extravagant direction.

An even fancier Mr. Knight

Moon Knight Mr Knight

Character sculptor and costume illustrator Raphael Imhotep has published his work for Moon Knight on Instagram, specifically conceptualizing Mr. Knight’s costume.

The first set of images show Mr. Knight in proper dress shoes, unlike the ones in the show, which were essentially mummified shoes. But, the most significant difference between this concept and the series is that Grant could have had a balaclava.


Mr. Knight concept art costume
Raphael Imhotep

The concept artist commented that these were made in 2020 for costume designer Julian Day, who contacted him for “illustrating some of his ideas on the show Moon Knight.” Additionally, the tie knot was inspired by Michael Uwandi, who eventually “body” Design by Mr. Knight:

“In 2020, Julian Day graciously contacted me to illustrate some of his ideas on the Moon Knight show. We didn’t start with Mr. Knight (our first iteration here), but I love this illustration, we Really having fun! The tie knot here was inspired by mate Michael Uwandi who ultimately killed Mr Knight’s design completely.”

The next set of concept art shows Grant’s Mr. Knight in a different suit adorned with gold lining and a hieroglyph-embroidered tie.

Mr. Knight Concept Art Costume Design
Raphael Imhotep

Imhotep explicitly noted that Julian asked him to give Grant’s Mr. Knight Nike Air Max 97 and Air Force 1 shoes. As for the hieroglyphics on the tie, Imhotep felt that it represented “Khonshu physically binds him to the costume,” but, Julian Day ultimately not being the costume designer for Moon Knight, “none of this work has been seen by anyone and we have not been credited:”


“Here Julian wanted me to try Air Max 97s and Air Force Ones on some variants with better fitting combinations with different vests. Ngl, we got into our bag here.

I watched Naruto a lot at the time and thought the hieroglyphics of Khonshu tied him physically to the costume. I first tried with the tie, then later tried to turn it into a pinstripe pattern like McGregor’s ‘fuck you’ suit.

We got a lot of cool ideas man, it’s a shame none of this work has been seen by anyone and we haven’t been credited. Alas, I still have my mf’s money.”

Unfortunately, Imhotep was not credited on the show for his work. Still, since he was apparently replaced early in pre-production, it makes a little more sense that he wasn’t credited, but at least Imhotep was eventually paid.

A change of costume (and designer)

The first impression these concepts give is that Steven Grant’s Mr. Knight character could have turned out to be much richer, especially the one that shows him with the gold lining. The idea of ​​his one-of-a-kind shoes coming later was another eye-opener, and he was offered to wear Nike sneakers as expensive as regular dress shoes.

It would undoubtedly have made more sense to see Grant running around in these more than appropriate shoes for a three-piece suit. But, what the design deviates most from the comics is giving Mr. Knight a hood, which certainly looks cool but could have detracted from the uniqueness of Spector’s Moon Knight costume, which also has a prominent hood.


However, the most interesting news about it is that Julian Day was going to be the original costume designer for Moon Knightwho previously worked on Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody. So at some point during pre-production he was replaced by Meghan Kasperlik who is best known for her work on the limited series. watchmen.

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