New Star Wars Series Receives Nearly $21 Million in Tax Credits

The Next Star Wars Live Series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is about to get a pretty big tax incentive. On Monday, the California Film Office announced seven television series that have been selected to receive tax incentives for filming in the state, with Skeleton Crew being among them. The series — and the production company behind it, Disney Lucasfilm — will get a total of $20.9 million in tax credits, out of the total $90.8 million the state is handing out. According The Hollywood Reporter, Skeleton Crew in particular, it’s expected to spend the bulk of the seven series, spending nearly $136 million in its first season.

Other shows on the list include Netflix’s The Resident, Warner Bros.’ My Glory and Presumed Innocent. Discovery, and HBO’s The Sympathizer Future seasons of HBO Max’s Rap Sh!t and Peacock’s Killing will also be part of the deal, after moving their production from other states.

“Increased investment in our tax credit program strengthens California’s ability to compete and continue to strengthen our status as the media production capital of the world,” said California Film Commission executive director, Colleen Bell, in a statement. “We are, once again, welcoming new television series to the program, which is creating jobs and economic opportunity here in the Golden State.”

Skeleton crew will follow a motley group of lost children trying to find their way home. It will be led by Spider-Man: No Coming Homeby Jon Watts, and will star Jude Law in an important but mysterious role.

“Jon Watts came to me, really wanting to do some kind of Goonies in star wars“, said Kennedy exclusively ComicBook.comof Brandon Davis at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year. “Needless to say, I’m going to say yes. And so it just came out of that kind of enthusiasm about wanting to tell stories in that space.”

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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is slated to premiere on Disney+ at a later date. If you haven’t checked out Disney+ yet and want to give it a try, You can do it here.

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