New this week: “Day Shift” and “Five Days at Memorial”


Here’s a curated collection from the Associated Press’ entertainment journalists of what’s coming to TV, streaming services and music platforms this week.

— One of the best films of the year is finally streaming. “Belle,” Mamoru Hosoda’s tour de force anime of surprisingly emotional depth, is now on HBO Max, starring in an English dub. You might have missed it when it hit theaters in early January, but “Belle” is worth catching up with. In his eighth feature, Hosoda, the Oscar-nominated Japanese director of “Mirai,” aims for perhaps his most ambitious film to date, combining a modern riff on “Beauty and the Beast” with a digital metaverse domain called “U”. It may be more story than Hosoda can handle, but “Belle” is intertwined in the life of its 17-year-old protagonist, Suzu (voiced by Kylie McNeill in the English version), a struggling teenager. with guilt, towards virtual – real identity and self-expression. When I reviewed “Belle” earlier this year, I wrote that Hosada’s films “even in their most elaborate form can reach such staggering emotional heights that they seem to break free from everything to what you are prepared for in an animated film”.

— Each month, the Restoration Screening Room hosts free, live screenings of restored classics from the Film Foundation, the nonprofit founded by Martin Scorsese. On Monday at 7 p.m. EDT, the Virtual Theater launching this spring will host a gripping noir double feature of Arthur Ripley’s “The Chase” (1946) and Edgar G. Ulmer’s “Detour” (1945). The two take road encounters in delightfully dark directions that always feel unpredictable and fresh. The Restoration Screening Room platform also lets you watch with other viewers and sample a host of special features – in this case, including videos with Benicio Del Toro and director Guy Maddin, both fans of the films. .

– In “Day Shift,” premiering Friday, Aug. 12 on Netflix, Jamie Foxx plays a blue-collar pool cleaner dad with a secret side gig: hunting and killing vampires for money. Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg co-starred. “Vampires, they live among us,” Foxx told Franco in the trailer. “And all they are are murderers. It’s not ‘Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn Part 1’ – it’s not like that.

-AP Film Writer Jake Coyle

— What do you get when you combine two of the coolest people in music? Something to check. The Roots’ Black Thought and super-producer Danger Mouse have teamed up for the album ‘Cheat Codes’, the first single being ‘No Gold Teeth’ and the immortal lines: ‘Yo, I’m at the top where it’s lonely /I got everyone naughty like Nick Nolte. Some of the collaborators include Run the Jewels, A$AP Rocky, Raekwon, Joey Bada$$, the late MF Doom and Michael Kiwanuka on the superb “Aquamarine”. Danger Mouse and Black Thought had collaborated on the music in the early 2000s, but shelved it. They rekindled their collaboration for the new album.

– Goo Goo Dolls fans will ignore the superstition as the group releases its 13th studio album, ‘Chaos in Bloom’. Frontman John Rzeznik is producing for the first time and the band say it’s an album of “biting sarcasm, stadium-ready choruses” and “sharp songwriting”. The first single is “Yeah, I love you” is a critique of online celebrity culture, with the lyrics “You’re so pretentious but you’re insecure / You’re always busy but you got the looking so bored.” Rzeznik and bassist and songwriter Robby Takac say the album struggles “with observations about our dystopian modernity while seeking optimism and pushing for a more empathetic world”. Another single is the superb anthem “You Are the Answer”.

– Mark Kennedy, AP Entertainment Writer

— Among the pleasures of Peak TV is the room it makes for familiar and welcome faces. Acorn TV’s “Darby and Joan,” starring Bryan Brown (“Cocktail,” “Breaker Morant”) and Greta Scacchi (“Emma,” “The Player”) is one such project. Brown’s Jack Darby is a retired Australian detective who hits the road with the dog Diesel to leave the past behind. Backcountry Darby crosses paths with Scacchi’s Joan, a recently widowed English nurse and, yes, opposite attracts. There are also mysterious occurrences to investigate in the on-the-road drama which premieres Monday and with two episodes arriving weekly until August 29 on the streaming service.

— Are the Taliban keeping their vow to respect women’s rights in Afghanistan a year after the American withdrawal? A PBS “Frontline” investigation found what it calls a “heartbreaking” story instead. Correspondent Ramita Navai interviewed banned female lawyers and women victims of abusive marriages made increasingly desperate under the Taliban regime. “Afghanistan Undercover” also includes what it says is evidence of young girls being abducted and forced into marriage. A Taliban representative told Navai that the regime’s allegations of mistreatment of women are “baseless”. The film debuts Tuesday on PBS stations (check local listings for times) and will stream at

– ‘Five Days at Memorial’ dramatizes the torment that 2005’s Hurricane Katrina visited on a New Orleans hospital, including the loss of life that led to criminal charges. Based on physician and journalist Sheri Fink’s book, “Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital,” the Apple TV+ series is by John Ridley (“12 Years a Slave”) and Carlton Cuse ( “Lost”), its producers, writers and, with Wendey Stanzler, directors. Vera Farmiga, Cornelius Smith Jr. and Cherry Jones are among the cast of the limited series which debuts with three episodes on Friday, August 12, with a new episode weekly until September 16.

— Lynn Elber, AP Television Writer

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