Nick Robinson & Anika Noni Rose Introduce “Layered” Roles in Netflix Series


by netflix Housemaid might focus its spotlight on Margaret Qualley’s Alex, but the characters around her are the driving force behind her actions, many of which stem from Nick Robinson’s Sean and Anika Noni Rose’s Regina.

Inspired by the memories of Stephanie Land in 2019, Housemaid follows Alex as she tries to build a life of her own after leaving an abusive relationship with Sean, the father of her daughter Maddy (Rylea Neveah Whittet). Driven by a desire to build a better life for Maddy, Alex meets several angels in disguise over the course of the series – though she might not think so at first – which is the case with her first interaction with employer Regina. .


As viewers follow Alex on this roller coaster ride, Robinson and Rose deliver soulful performances which they both credit showrunner Molly Smith Metzler for facilitating with fantastic writing. “She wrote an amazing character that was well directed and fully trained,” Robinson gushes. “So that made my job a lot easier. I didn’t have to invent anything or try to find something that wasn’t there. It was all on the page.

For Robinson, who is known for his roles in A teacher and Love, Simon, he was eager to take on this role which is quite unlike anything he has had before. “It was a departure from other roles I have played in the past,” shares the actor. “Sean is not always a likeable character. Most of the time he’s obnoxious and it was fun playing the bad guy, but also dealing with some really heavy and pressing issues.

Netflix Maid Anika Noni Rose

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Among these serious and pressing issues is Sean’s abusive behavior towards Alex, which stems from his own personal demons. “I hope people will get by [from the show] with a better understanding of Sean’s different layers and why he is what he is, ”says Robinson. “None of this is an excuse for his behavior, but gives him the full picture of being a human being and not just a villain.”

Rose’s Regina is tough on Alex when she starts working as a housekeeper in her house. Over time, as they remove details about each other’s lives, women become more connected. “They both have the chance to be able to give and receive to each other, which creates a friendship beyond someone being someone’s employer and their worker,” says Pink. “I think Regina is able to come out of her own pain and see someone else’s journey, and that allows her to open up in a different way and be herself, which is a generous person who cares about others. “

Maid Netflix Margaret Qualley and Nick Robinson as Alex and Sean


Like Sean, Regina is a full-fledged character in the story that viewers learn more about over time. “What I liked about this character is how much she is layered and how we can really peel her off as we go,” shares Rose. “It seems like it’s one-sided and stuck in this particular space. And then you learn little by little that she is a woman who has been through a lot.

Adding another layer to the mix is ​​Robinson’s past work with Qualley, including Native son and Strange but true. “I was delighted to be a different character who I thought had something to say and to work with Margaret again,” the actor said of his reunion with the actress. “We’ve been friends for a long time, so I feel like we already have a built-in shortcut,” he adds of working together for their roles. And it appears on the screen.

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