Nicolas Cage will finally play Dracula in the next movie “Renfield” for Universal!

Originally announced a few years ago, Universal Pictures has developed a solo film for Dracula’s Henchman. Renfield, based on an original pitch from the creator of “The Walking Dead” Robert kirkman. Chris McKay (The war of tomorrow) is configured to make the film, with Nicolas hoult (Hot Bodies, Mad Max: Fury Road) on board to play the role of Renfield.

THR brings us today the exciting news that Nicolas cage is now also on board the project. Even more exciting? Nicolas Cage plays Count Dracula in the film!

The Hollywood Reporter also notes, “Plot details are kept in the coffin, but the project is described as a modern adventure story with a comedic tone.”

Cage of course played a man who believed he was a vampire in the goofy comedy Vampire kiss, but this will be the first time he’s played the role he seemed destined to one day take on. Cage like Dracula is something Personally, I imagine for a long time now, because it seems like such a perfect role for the beloved actor to sink his teeth into.

With the next film, written by Ryan ridley (“Rick and Morty”), said “comically,” we could very well have the most over-the-top Dracula onscreen yet.

Then again, Cage could surely nail a more serious count too. Stay tuned!

Deadline explained the project, which is produced by Robert Kirkman, “In the original novel ‘Dracula’, RM Renfield was an inmate in an insane asylum who suffered from delusions, but is in fact a servant of Dracula. the plot is currently unknown, although it is believed to be set in this day and age and not to be a period play.

The character was memorably played by Dwight Frye (below) in the 1931 Dracula.

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