No Exit’s most brutal death is also the most comical

In Hulu’s No Exit, as Darby tried to fight off the kidnappers in a snowstorm, the film’s most brutal death also turned out to be its most comedic.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for No Exit, now streaming on Hulu.

Hulu’s new March thriller, No Exit, painted a ruthless picture when Ash (Danny Ramirez) and Lars (David Rysdahl) turned out to be sadistic kidnappers. Darby (Havana Rose Liu) discovered a young girl, Jay, in their van, which led to a series of nasty confrontations and several murders as the men wanted to ransom the child for a few million. They didn’t care who they hurt as long as his tech mogul dad paid, which pushed Darby to the limit, forcing the recovering drug addict to dig deep and defend himself. But as the war unfolded in freezing weather, the film’s most brutal death turned out to be its most comedic, slightly breaking the film’s action-horror tone.

Ash was the really bloodthirsty one, not clumsy Lars. It showed when Lars complained that Ash was getting violent after he shot the other couple in the cabin. Sandi, the maid who helped them take the girl away, and her husband, Ed, had to die for Ash to prove he was serious.

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Darby killed Ash in No Exit

Despite all the violence, Ash just wanted to get the keys to her van from Darby after a fight, which she hid and used as bargaining chips. But when he finally got the information, as he walked out with a nail gun, Darby snorted cocaine and hatched a plan with Jay to snatch the gun he left with Lars. Ash then returned after hearing a ruckus, which turned out to be a warning shot Darby fired into the isolated area. But all he had was his nail gun, so he tried to bully Darby, which inspired Jay to swing him aside. She punched Ash’s hand, causing him to accidentally shoot a single nail through Lars’ head.

It was a clean shot, with barely any blood flowing, but it still sent Lars into a panic. He began to articulate and hyperventilate, leaving a shocked Ash wondering how to extract the nail. It was a bitter piece of karma considering how Ash had previously stapled Darby to the wooden wall, but things quickly took a comedic turn. As Lars approached Ash, he slipped on the blood from Ed and Sandi’s body, falling face down, which sent the nail straight through his brain and killed him.

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No Exit contains many plot twists regarding Jay's kidnapping

This gave the girls time to flee, with Ash distracted by the situation because he realized that if he hadn’t murdered the pair, Lars wouldn’t have slipped on their blood. However, levity soon turned to rage once more, as the death of a friend inspired an enraged Ash to rush outside and kill the girls.

Find out how Lars’ silly death plays out in No Exitnow streaming on Hulu.

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