Nothing can stop the old man Juggernaut

Wastelanders: Hawkeye # 1 sends readers back to Old Man Hawkeye, and while still trying to do good, the hero just defied a huge villain by mistake.

In a world ruled by villains, Hawkeye always tries to be a hero, but he just accidentally challenged a massive threat: the Juggernaut.

Wastelanders: Hawkeye # 1 returns readers to Clint Barton’s life on Earth-807128, first explored in the iconic “Old Man Logan” story arc of Wolverine and revisited in Wasteland: Wolverine and other titles. Although Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were wiped out decades ago, Hawkeye still tries to be an Avenger. the Old man Hawkeye limited series served as the prequel series where Clint seeks revenge on the villains for killing the Avengers. In the next issue, however, Clint will take on the Juggernaut, who currently has a common problem with aging: arthritis.

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On this Earth, the wastelands of what was once the United States have been carved into territories ruled by different villains and / or heroes turned villains. While Bullseye was a Marshal and Red Skull became the President, Juggernaut is revealed to be in charge of the raiders based in Goblin State Park, likely named after Spider-Man villain Green Goblin (or Hobgoblin). . After being challenged, Juggernaut mutters that killing Hawkeye will be “murder” in the giant’s lap, and even struggles to throw a truck at the hero as the bubbles illustrate him short of breath.

At the time of this fight, Hawkeye is blind and most likely realizes that this is the Juggernaut after the villain announces his name in the third person. The show specifies that it takes place 48 years after the fall of the heroes, two years before the events of the old man logan and two years after the epilogue of Old man Hawkeye # 12. The problem saw Clint beg an older Matthew Murdock, aka Daredevil, to train him after losing his eyesight to the mutant Avalanche, who used his powers to accelerate Clint’s glaucoma.

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An artistic preview of the upcoming issue reveals that readers will witness Hawkeye’s training under Daredevil, who is now named after his mentor, Stick. This training is what allowed the archer to continue fighting by focusing on sound to locate targets and even drive the Spider-Buggy (with Wolverine’s navigation aid). The preview and the solicitation of Wastelanders: Hawkeye can be found below.

The cover of Wastelanders: Hawkeye # 1 shows Clint Barton training with Daredevil and ninjas.


  • DEADLY PRECISION! Witness the untold story of HAWKEYE’s training with STICK – the man formerly known as DAREDEVIL! Clint Barton’s sight may be gone, but his will for revenge is stronger than ever, and with training and expert guidance from MATT MURDOCK, the arrows will fly again! But who is Murdock’s real target? And how will that change Hawkeye’s path in the Wastelands? This is a problem YOU cannot afford to miss!
  • 32 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Parental Advisory… $ 3.99

A summary page explains the events before Old Man Logan and after Old Man Hawkeye.
Old Man Hawkeye challenges Marco the Terrible to battle.
Marco the Terrible is revealed to be Cain Marko, the Juggernaut.
Juggernaut struggles to fight, but throws a truck at Hawkeye.

Wastelanders: Hawkeye # 1 is written by Ethan Sacks with interior art by Ibraim Roberson and cover art by Josemaria Casanovas. A variant cover for the number was created by Steve McNiven. The issue goes on sale December 22 at Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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