‘Pakistan Idol’ selected contestants for ‘comedy effect’: Bushra

Veteran actor and singer Bushra Ansari, who co-judged Pakistan Idol 2013 with singers Hadiqa Kiani and Ali Azmat, has now explained how the singing reality show was largely scripted.

Earlier this week on Tabish Hashmi’s Hasna Mana Hai talk show, the Udaari actor shared that while Pakistan Idol has definitely played its part in showcasing some unmistakably talented vocals, some parts of the show have been completely staged. The main purpose was to sell the show in a way that meets international Pop Idol show standards.

Talking about the harsh comments the judges would give the contestants, Ansari said that although Kiani had a balanced attitude towards strictness and rudeness, Azmat could very well play the role of rude critical judge. However, for her, the critical part was the hardest. “I even asked the management to fire me because I couldn’t treat people harshly. It’s not me,” she said.

But the creators of Pakistan Idol then showed him videos of Indian Idol judges, especially Sunidhi Chauhan for inspiration. “She was beating the competition. She was screaming and screaming,” she said.

While concluding, she also added that the simple show was not only scripted, but several contestants were simply included in it for comedy effects and were not meant to be taken seriously. Ansari, however, took no name.