Park Ji-hoo Reveals K-Drama Was Filmed While She Was In High School Almost Two Years Ago

A majority of the main cast for Netflix we are all dead Korean dramas are still relatively young. As rising actors, some of them are still in their early twenties. The cast’s young appearances made it easy for audiences to believe that they were real students trapped in their high school trying to survive. Fans will be stunned to learn we are all dead Actor Park Ji-hoo was a high school student at the time of filming the drama K.

Actors Yoon Chan-young and Park Ji-hoo for ‘All of Us Are Dead’ | through Netflix

Park Ji-hoo stars as On-ja in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Netflix’s coming-of-age K-drama zombie centers on a group of friends and students as their school becomes ground zero for a viral outbreak. One of the main characters and unofficial narrators is On-ja, played by Park in we are all dead. On-ja is like any other girl who wants to confess her longtime crush, raised by a single father and has close friends.

In we are all dead, she becomes the group’s voice of reason when the Jonas virus, created by the school’s science teacher, turns their friends into monsters. Throughout the K-drama, On-ja becomes a favorite for her good heart as fans noticed a discrepancy in her story.

“All of Us Are Dead” was filmed two years ago when Park Ji-hoo was in high school

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While we are all dead hit Netflix in January 2022, the K-drama was filmed years before. According to Cosmopolitan, the cast and crew filmed the drama nearly two years ago. Looking at the actors’ Instagram posts, many of the behind-the-scenes photos are time stamped for 2020.

According to cast details, we are all dead Park Ji-hoo is currently 18, having been born in 2003. But by Korean age standards, she is closer to 20. If the K-drama was filmed in 2020, that means Park was around 16 or 17 at the time. and a high school girl like her character.

In an interview with the Netflix cast discussing what drew them to the K-drama, Park explained, “For me, as a high school student, a school is my second home, right? I think it’s very interesting because it’s a story that takes place in a school. With Park still fresh from the student experience, she added a level of realism to her fan-favorite role.

“I spent my two years of high school living under the name On-ja, so I’m glad I was able to identify with her the way I did,” Park said when discussing her relationship with the cast, she says they felt like her real school friends and the last day of filming felt like graduation.

K-drama cast congratulate actress on her high school graduation

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As the youngest actor in we are all dead, Park is officially a high school graduate. According to Soompi, the actress posted photos on Instagram to celebrate her graduation from Dongmoon High School. Fortunately, there were no zombies at Park’s school.

of the park we are all dead the co-stars posted heartfelt comments congratulating the actress on her graduation. Cho Yi-hyun, who plays Nam-ra, teased Park, commenting, “Wow… now you really are an adult..” Meanwhile, Yoon Chan-young, who plays the on-screen love interest de Park, commented, “Congratulations on graduating, junior.

According to Soompi, Yoon calls Park his “junior” for a reason. The recently graduated we are all dead the actor will attend Hanyang University. Her co-star Yoon is currently a theater and film student in college.