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Are you involved in several loans and you pay several installments every month? This commitment certainly puts a heavy burden on your budget. It is worth wondering if it makes sense to pay off several loans at once. Maybe it is better to take a consolidation loan without a mortgage and combine several high installments into one lower one?

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Advantages of a cash consolidation loan

By consolidating loans into one right here, we gain many benefits. First of all, we save money and time, instead of several installments we have one, smaller. Banks also give you the option of selecting additional cash that will remain after paying your debts and which you can use for other purposes. Consolidation also allows you to extend the loan period, obtain a lower interest rate and transfer several liabilities from different banks to one. The application procedure itself is very simple, it does not require a large number of documents delivered to the bank (usually you need two IDs, a certificate or statement of income and credit agreements) or many formalities. The decision to grant a loan is quick – even in one day. Banks usually do not require any additional collateral.

A consolidation loan without a mortgage – what is it for?

A consolidation loan without a mortgage - what is it for?

This type of long-term bank commitment for people who have fallen into the credit trap. Thanks to this solution, they can repay other debts with a consolidation loan: car loans, cash loans, installment purchases or debts on credit cards or debits on personal accounts. This type of loan allows you to reduce your loan installments and lower interest rates. In the case of a cash consolidation loan without a mortgage, the bank does not hedge with the assignment of rights to the property, but creditworthiness and sometimes other forms of collateral (guarantor or loan insurance) are required.

Disadvantages of a cash consolidation loan

Unfortunately, each medal has two sides. The consolidation loan also has its drawbacks. There are a bit more formalities than regular cash loans for any purpose. In the case of loans without a mortgage, the loan amount is lower (usually up to PLN 80,000), as well as the loan term (up to a maximum of 6 years). Fortunately, there are far fewer advantages than weaknesses.

How to choose a consolidation loan well?

Just read our ranking of consolidation loans. You can immediately see their cost, amount and number of installments, loan period and other parameters that will allow you to compare several offers. You can adjust the loan to your financial capabilities and choose the one that suits you best. You don’t have to visit banks’ websites yourself, consult with advisers – you have several loans in one place and choose one of the offers. You can immediately go to submit an application and either arrange the entire procedure online or wait for contact from the bank.

Take an online consolidation loan

Take an online consolidation loan

Why is it worth Because you save time and nerves. You take care of everything in your own apartment, all you need is a computer with internet access. Fast and convenient. In addition, thanks to such tools as our consolidation credit ranking, you choose the offer consciously and wisely!