Percy Jackson Season 1 Will Include A Major Book Monster, Writer Says

The upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will include the appearance of the Minotaur from the first book, according to author Rick Riordan.

The next Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series will include the Minotaur, according to author Rick Riordan. The next series for Disney + will adapt the first volume of the saga of Riordan, The Lightning Thiefand is already shaping up to be a more faithful adaptation than its 2010 big-screen counterpart. Percy Jackson will feature Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri as the main trio of characters.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians follows the titular Percy as he discovers his blood ties to the Greek gods of Olympus. He must then set off on a journey to rescue his mother from Hades, battling monsters from Greek mythology along the way. Riordan is much more involved in the new adaptation, writing for Percy Jackson and the creation of a series bible. He also provided notes for the first images of Percy Jackson, already saying it’s closer to his vision and the books themselves. In case fans are still worried about the latter, Riordan’s latest update brings some relief.


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On its website, Riordan mentions how the production of Percy Jackson is in progress, and how it will include the Minotaur, which appears in the first book. It doesn’t mention when the Minotaur will appear in the season, but if true to the book, it will be the second monster Percy encounters and the one to abduct his mother. Read Riordan’s quote below:

And now it’s back to TV land. I’m off to another exciting day of production. I think we might meet the Minotaur today (who, by the way, also makes an appearance in The Divine Comedy).

Percy Jackson Trio Header

The Minotaur plays an important role in The Lightning Thief, not only for kidnapping Percy’s mother and driving the story, but for helping Percy fulfill his destiny as a demigod and set up his character arc. With the first images showing Camp Half-Blood, an important location in Percy Jackson, it’s likely the series will feature the Battle of the Minotaur at a similar time in history. With Season 1 being a modest eight episodes, it’s likely the creators will try to limit monster encounters to the most significant in the story. The Minotaur Moment Could Very Well Happen In Percy Jackson episode 1, serving as the ultimate kick-off to the series’ mythology-fueled action.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is already shaping up to be a far more faithful and far more interesting adaptation than the 2010 film, which was criticized for having very few similarities to the book. Disney still has their work cut out to bring such a fundamental piece of modern YA fiction to the screen. However, their first steps were positive. Thanks to Riordan’s continued involvement and attention to detail, Percy Jackson and the Olympians could capture the humor and excitement of the books that the previous adaptation couldn’t.

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Source: Rick Riordan

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