Phoebe Robinson is the comedic voice we need (and can’t get enough of) – “Sorry Harriet Tubman”

Phoebe robinson

Phoebe Robinson is the gift that keeps on giving. Robinson is a comedian, writer and actress with 10 years of stand-up experience that has prepared her to become a talented multi-trait threat with unmatched authenticity and authenticity. Robinson launches his first solo special, ‘Sorry, Harriet Tubman, ‘on HBO Max. Judging by her impressive list of credits, including her stand-up special for two women on HBO, ‘2 dope queens”, Alongside Jessica Williams, her first solo comedy special will not disappoint. Not to mention, Robinson was the moderator of Michelle Obama’s international Visit of the book “Devenir”. As if that weren’t enough, Robinson is the author of ‘Please don’t sit on my bed in your outerwear‘, a collection of essays that offer readers a personal glimpse into Robinson’s genius and relatable mind.

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The trailer for ‘Sorry, Harriet Tubman‘features Robinson discussing reparations, therapy, race relations, and the savage quarantine experience with your significant other. On the heels of a tumultuous year, Phoebe Robinson’s upcoming comedy special will undoubtedly be the emotional reset audiences desperately need.

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Getting to know Phoebe Robinson

Robinson’s career continues to evolve, which is not surprising given that his talents prove to be limitless. The 36-year-old comedian, writer and actress moved from Cleveland, Ohio to New York so she could attend the Pratt Institute and study screenwriting. Not long after, Robinson found work at a production company, and it was only after convinced attending a stand-up class given by a friend that Robinson discovered acting was the way for her. Robinson said, “It’s like, ‘Girl, what should I do other than comedy? But, at the time, I didn’t think of it that way. Now, with 10 years of stand-up under his belt, Robinson is poised to dominate the entertainment industry.

Phoebe Robinson formed her production company, Small repairs, who will be produce a series, ‘Everything is Trash but It’s Okay’ on Freeform, which is based on Robinson’s bestselling New York Times book. In addition, she develops and plays in ‘Do the most with Phoebe Robinson‘an unscripted talk show that will air on Comedy Central. She will interview artists and offer the audience more of her talented jokes. Robinson is an unstoppable artistic force with undeniable boundless wit, charm and ambition.

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Robinson’s gift for storytelling fluctuates between her various projects which are consistently met with praise and the recognition she rightly deserves. When asked about his approach to writing, “Writing is one of the great forms of expression, to understand and question the world, to reflect on the human condition, or simply to connect with someone. There are many things he can do, and for many people, writing – whether it’s a journal or the next “Great American Novel” – is an activity that can bring peace and be meditative.

A charming and powerful presence

There’s a reason Phoebe Robinson sounds familiar; she has graciously graced our screens with multiple projects featuring her comedic influence and rising stardom. She starred in the hit Netflix series’Ibiza: drunk with love,‘was a competitor on’Ru Paul Drag Race,‘and starred in 7 cult-fav episodes,’Research group.‘ Without speaking about. the HBO series, ‘2 dope queens,‘which she co-created alongside Jessica Williams, was a major hit in her first season as the network commissioned a second season to the public delight.

Over the past decade, Robinson has tapped into almost every medium and expertly shares his advice and perspective across multiple platforms. She has a podcast, ‘So many white guys,‘which speaks to white men commanding the world of comedy which notoriously excluded minorities and yes, women. Robinson States, “I remember submitting a writing dossier, say, three times to ‘SNL’, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon. Having this level of rejection, I thought to myself, ‘Why am I continuing to wait for that when I could just do my own thing? ”Whether it be something like ‘2 dope queens‘ Where ‘Everything is trash but it’s okay,‘I’m really betting on myself because, basically, it’s not like’ You know what we’re in the mood for? Black woman.'”

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A writer and a visionary

It is important to note that Phoebe Robinson is an accomplished and successful author. She wrote ‘You can’t touch my hair‘, who according to her website, “As personal as it is political, You can’t touch my hair examines our cultural climate and confuses our prejudices with humor and heart, heralding Robinson as a burgeoning writer. Robinson shares her experience as a black woman in America while combining her fascination with pop culture and comedy through a fresh literary voice. Robinson’s most recent and highly relevant title, ‘Please don’t sit on my bed in your outerwearis a collection of essays that run through her current relationship, a decision to no longer have children at the 21st century and the shift in focus towards the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout his career, Robinson has appeared in The New York Times, HuffPost, Vanity Fair and started his blog “Black Daria”.

What can we expect from “Sorry, Harriet Tubman”

If the name alone hasn’t convinced you yet, watch an excerpt from trailer where Robinson playfully engages with cultural issues, relationship issues, and even millennial issues. It’s time for Phoebe Robinson to shine and dazzle audiences with her effervescent presence and powerful comedic force. Let her memorable voice influence you as she makes her solo debut on HBO Max, where she is in total control of her performance.

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Phoebe Robinson’s 10 years of working in the comedy scene has always proven to fans that Robinson’s very first solo special that can air on HBO Max will feature her effortless authenticity and charisma, the perfect anecdote for a reset. cultural and emotional. She’s a black woman who carves out an iconic presence in the comedy world and isn’t afraid to approach controversial conversations with a touch of levity. With an upcoming show, ‘Everything is trash but it’s okay,‘on Freeform and a talk show,’Do the most with Phoebe Robinson,‘on Comedy Central, the stage is set for Robinson to become the next comic icon to become a household name.

Actors: Phoebe Robinson

Screenplay: Phoebe Robinson

Director: Kristian Mercado

By Gina Michele Yaniz

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