Pierce Brosnan Didn’t ‘Meet’ Robin Williams Until Filming of Mrs. Doubtfire Was Wrapped

Brosnan explained in the interview that “Mrs. Doubtfire” was a plum gig for him. “Mrs. Doubtfire” arrived two years before the actor began his tenure as James Bond, so a job with Williams was sure to pay off well and raise his profile. “I had a mortgage to pay that month,” he joked. Additionally, Sally Field was her co-star. There was nothing to be upset about.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” filmed in San Francisco, and Brosnan recalls flying and first meeting Williams in the makeup trailer. Ms. Doubtfire’s makeup took four hours to apply, so Williams was on the clock much earlier than Brosnan, and was already dressed as an old woman by the time her co-star arrived. Brosnan said:

“I remember going up to San Francisco that first day. I went to the makeup trailer and Robin was there, and he had a Hawaiian shirt on, and big hairy arms and cargo pants, and hairy legs. But he had Mrs. Doubtfire’s head. [Mrs. Doubtfire voice] ‘Ooh! Hello Pierce. Oh, you are very handsome. Oh, give us a kiss! Oh !’ [Williams voice] ‘Hi buddy. Nice to see you. Glad you came. [Brosnan voice] ‘Hello Robin. How are you man?’ “Oh, I’m fine, man. I’ve been here for hours.'”

(Brosnan’s Doubtfire voice is impressive. His Williams impersonation might need a little more rehearsal.)

As those familiar with Williams’ work can attest, Williams had a tendency to ramble and improvise endlessly. He was changing his voice and cracking jokes at a frantic pace. It seems Brosnan got a taste of Williams’ wild character twists right from the start.