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In the entertainment odds betting spectrum, popularity reigns supreme. Reality TV competition series with results that produce winners and losers are handy fruits for online sports betting sites to create lines for, but when it comes to scripted fiction, bettors must put their thinking.

Sometimes TV series get so popular, so quickly, that entertainment prop bets emerge half-baked, desperately trying to capitalize on the large number of eyes drawn to screens across the United States.

Squid Game is a Korean TV series that quickly became the # 1 show on Netflix. The plot involves more than 400 people who are drawn to a competition due to their current financial difficulties.

Competitors compete against each other on a variety of kid games that result in violent conclusions for the losers and cash prizes for the winners.

In a perfect world, the Squid Game odds would be produced for the winners and losers of each contest, and while we’ve seen lines like this for fictional series before, this is no longer an option with the entire first round already published online for Diffusion.

The following incidental bet has appeared on Bovada which offers Squid Game odds for different indicators of success for the series, and each moneyline is mutually exclusive. This means that each option can score a win without causing a loss for any of the remaining odds.

Squid betting odds

  • Squid Game becomes most-watched Netflix show of all time -175
  • Squid Game is going to become a feature film EVEN
  • Squid Game wins Best Drama Series 2022 International Emmy Awards +200
  • A Squid Game wins the award for best actor in 2022 International Emmy Awards +500
  • A Squid Game wins Best Actress at the International Emmy Awards 2022 +1000

While we’ve been betting all-in on the Emmy Awards for years now, the above entertainment prop bet is considered the first odds we’ve seen on the International Emmy charts.

One thing to consider when betting on rewards is the potential for single entity sweep. While this doesn’t happen every year, there are occasions when a show’s overwhelming popularity creates a tidal wave that crushes all other competition and elevates all contenders for said entity to the top.

If you think this will be the case at the International Emmys, then perhaps more than one bet should be made on the above Squid Game odds. That’s the beauty of each line receiving individual action – bets can be placed on all five options without voiding anything for the player.

Consider this. If Kim Joo-ryoung wins the International Emmy for Best Actress for her portrayal of Han Mi-nyeo in Squid Game, the betting odds will be 10 to 1.

If the above Squid Game betting lines are correct, fans can reasonably expect that it will not only become the most widely watched show in Netflix history, but they can also anticipate a feature film at follow soon.

The odds get darker once the line looks at Squid Game’s Emmy Odds, but players online may want to invest sooner rather than later, as there is great potential for these entertainment betting options to disappear. without notice.

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