Quentin Tarantino expected in Chicago to shoot a detective series

The Chicago film industry has a big fish at stake.

Hollywood heavyweight Quentin Tarantino is set to deploy his director’s chair here next month, a Chicago film industry insider confirms.

He will direct the first episode of an FX series with Timothy Olyphant. The series is a revival of the show “Justified” in which Olyphant will reprise his role as US Marshal Raylan Givens.

The series, slated to shoot through August, is based on author Elmore Leonard’s novel “City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit.”

Film industry trade publications first reported Tarantino’s expected involvement earlier this year.

Filming is planned in locations all over Chicago, which will double in Detroit, where the story is set.

“This story in the hands of Quentin will be really special,” said a person with knowledge of the series who asked not to be named. “Everyone is waiting to see who gets cast as the villain because Quentin can draw anyone. So you might see a big name that you normally only associate with crossover movies doing this show with him.

Meanwhile, “Shining Girls,” which stars Elisabeth “Handmaid’s Tale” Moss as a Chicago newspaper archivist on the trail of a serial killer, will air its first episode on Apple TV+ on April 29. The show will feature scenes filmed in Chicago’s underground tunnel network.