Quentin Tarantino May Direct a ‘Justified’ Limited Series

In 1994, pulp Fiction made Quentin Tarantino one of Hollywood’s most famous filmmakers. What did he do with his new power? Produce an episode of Emergencies, of cours. Ten years later, between Kill Bill: Volume 2 and Proof of deathhe went behind the camera for another TV show: ITUCa unique concert that earned him his only Emmy nomination (his role as an Elvis impersonator in The golden girls has unfortunately been neglected). These are, to date, the only times Tarantino has directed for television. Corn Deadline reports that he is in “early talks to direct one or two episodes” of Justified: City Primevalthe Justified limited series with Timothy Olyphant reprising his role as U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens (not to be confused with Space Raylan):

Tarantino and Olyphant worked together on the director’s latest film, Once upon a time in Hollywood. There is also the filmmaker’s devotion to Elmore Leonard, who created the character of Givens… He opted for several Leonard titles during his career and discussed the possibility of directing one of his westerns, Forty Lashes Less One.

An adaptation of Leonard that has been made is Jackie Brownbased on his 1992 novel rum punch. If you want to argue that this is Tarantino’s best movie, well, you wouldn’t be the only one.

Tarantino also worked with Olyphant’s Justified co-star Walton Goggins on Django Unchained and The Hateful Eightand you can hear his voice in Once upon a time in Hollywood. We don’t know if Boyd Crowder will be, like Raylan, in primitive citybut if he is, one thing is for sure: his hair will be amazing.

(Via Deadline)