Quordle Answer 183: Jul 26, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle Response 183 for July 26, 2022 has been revealed. After the last medium to high difficulty puzzles, this one should be easier. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but the four solution words have a strong synergy with more than several letters being in the same position between the words. So even though there are about six letters that aren’t common, getting one will likely get you another. In fact, the word we’re going to choose as the most difficult of the bunch doesn’t have any rare consonants at all. As a clue, it has double letters instead. Are you looking for the complete solution instead? Well, you can see it published later in the article.

What is the Quordle 183 answer? (July 26, 2022)

The Quordle 183 answer is:

  • “PLANK”
  • “SALSA”
  • “FRANC”
  • “TO FORGE”

“SALSA” is the most difficult word mainly because it has two instances of double letters. One instance is already enough to make you vomit, but two is just nasty. That said, it’s not like “MAGMA” which has been used many times in past Quordles and has uncommon consonants in addition to also having two double letters. “SALSA” only has common letters, so you’ll probably have an easier time figuring this out.

We would normally choose one of the other words as more difficult due to the uncommon letters “P”, “K”, “F”, and “G”. But as we mentioned earlier, these three words go very well together. “PLANK” and “FRANK” share three letters in exactly the same position, while “FRANK” and “FORGE” share their first letter together. Even better, the ‘P’ and ‘G’ shouldn’t be too hard to get either, since ‘?LANK’ and ‘FOR?E’ don’t have many other solutions. As a result, we got the full answer in just seven guesses.

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