Ranking the 10 best sitcom families of the 90s


(Cue the beat, Jazz) Now it’s the story of a few sitcoms, which revolved around families from all walks of life. We’d like you just a minute to sit there and let me tell you how these shows came to be the princes of television.

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Family sitcoms were no longer safe in the age of hip-hop and the rise of the Internet. This bold move towards more serious thematic storylines has spawned a new generation of sitcom families more diverse in both cast and storytelling. So now that Collider has covered the ten best family sitcoms of the ’80s, let’s take a decade leap forward and reveal which show did family best in the’ 90s.

10. Home improvement (1991-1999)

The Home Improvement Cast

In 1991, Tim allen was reaching the peak of his comedy career, and the powers that be at ABC granted him his family sitcom, Home improvement. The show, which revolves around the life of the Taylors in the suburbs of Detroit, became an instant hit on the network, ranking in the top ten on TV charts throughout its broadcast; a feat that few shows can claim.

The sitcom made Tim Allen’s star even brighter and became Jonathan taylor thomas (who played middle son, Randy Taylor) in a teenage idol. Tim allen and his co-star Richard karn even made a comeback on television as the hosts of the new show Assembly Required.


9. Family affairs (1989-1998)

Family Matters Cast Photo

Family affairs started as a flagship vehicle for Reginald Vel Johnson, who had just emerged from a strong supporting performance guiding John McClain through an LA skyscraper filled with terrorists in the 1988s Die hard. When Steve Urkel appeared in the Season 1 episode “Rachael’s First Date,” the show’s producers quickly realized they had a feel on their hands and quickly put the spotlight on Winslows’ geeky neighbor.

Despite the many Urkel-centric episodes, the series was still, at its core, a showcase of the family love the Winslows had for each other, making it a staple every week before the series ended. by burn in 1998.

8. Everyone loves Raymond (1996-2005)

The cast of Everybody Loves Raymond

By the mid-90s, sitcoms revolving around the everyday father were becoming a trending trend on network television. No show better than Everyone loves Raymond.

Ray romano played the role of Raymond Barone, a Newsday sports reporter who lives on Long Island with his wife, Debra (Patricia heaton), and their twin sons, who don’t take life too seriously and go the extra mile to avoid household chores, much to his wife’s dismay. Romano’s dry, sarcastic humor was a selling point of the series, and the family sitcom quickly became one of CBS’s flagship comedies.

7. Moesha (1996-2001)

Moesha's casting

In 1996, UPN was a successful network that sought to compete with the “Big Three”. To help in this quest, they needed a successful family sitcom, and that success was Moesha. Beginning in the fall of 96, Moesha looked Brandy norwood as the main character, a teenage girl living in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles with her family, the Mitchell’s.

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The show was an instant hit for the network, with strong Norwood-centric characters including Countess Vaughn, who, with the actor Mo’Nique, would be at the center of the derivative series The Parkers.

6. Roseanne (1988-2018)

Roseanne's casting

As much as Good time featured an African-American family trying to be successful in the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago in the 1970s, Roseanne replicated that phrase in the late 1980s, replacing crime-plagued Cabrini Green with Lanford, Illinois, a drab suburb of Chicago.

Roseanne Barr was the matriarch of the Connor family, a working class family trying to get by on a limited income. From the premiere of the series, she made Barr a household name and Roseanne reached number one in ratings in 1990. The initial run ended in 1997, but enjoyed a much-loved revival in 2018 before controversy forced ABC to fire Barr and rename the show . The Connors.

5. King of the Hill (1997-2010)

Hank Hill in King of the Hill
Image via Fox

Hank Hill is one of the most iconic characters in modern family sitcoms. His love for his family, and all things Texas, is what propelled King of the hill into a modern day classic. Not only was the show hilarious, but it also included hot topics that the series dealt with in its nonchalant way. Hank’s wife, Peggy Hill, who always believed she was two steps ahead of everyone else, and Bobby, the adorable kid who moved to the beat of his drums, added to this comedy d ‘gold.

To complete this unique and hilarious group of characters, Hank’s drinking friends; Dale Gribble, who knew all the conspiracy theories alive, Boomhauer the fast-talking ladies’ man, and Bill, the aloof and lonely guy, all of whom brought their hilarious touch to this family comedy. With a clue to revive the King of the hill family, fans can’t wait to see what happened to this lovable group.

4. Married…. With the children (1987-1997)

The casting of newlyweds with children

Who could ever forget the iconic theme song, that of Frank Sinatra “Love and Marriage” which opened each episode of Married…. With children? It’s just as iconic as the Bundys, a distant family living in Chicago run by shoe salesman Al Bundy, and his chain-smoking wife, Peggy. With Kelly, Bud and their neighbors next door, Marcy and Steve Rhoades, Married…. With children was, in many ways, the sitcom that rebelled against the adorable family sitcoms that dominated the ’80s.

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Married with children peaked in the 90s, spanning 11 seasons and 259 episodes, making it one of the longest-running live-action sitcoms in television history.

3. Boy Meets World (1993-2000)

boy casting meet the world

Boy meets the world had shoes to fill when it premiered on ABC in 1993. Growing pains was finished, and Family affairs had just reached its peak. The series has started well wild like Cory Matthews, a boy growing up in Philadelphia who learns life lessons from his best friend, Shawn (Strong rider), and his love, Topanga (Danielle Fishel), with much of those lessons taught by his teacher and next door neighbor, Mr. Feeny (William daniels).

Boy meets the world became a hit in its first season and went on to become one of the network’s most powerful sitcoms and a classic among ’90s family sitcoms.

2. The Simpsons (1989-present)

Some may say that The simpsons have long passed their shelf life, and maybe, just maybe, these reviews are right. However, there is no denying the impact The simpsons has had on family sitcoms, particularly in the ’90s, which helped shift the subgenre of cozy’ 80s family shows towards sitcoms that pushed more current boundaries in the ’90s.

Beginning as a humble animated short on The Tracey Ullman Show, The simpsons has made its way into the pop culture lexicon in no time, with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and baby Maggie becoming the first family of family sitcoms, especially in the Animated Universe. It can reasonably be said that animated shows such as family guy and american father would not exist without the cultural success of the Springfield family.

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

the cast of fresh prince of bel-air

It is the short story of a rapper selling gold who changed his entire career by becoming the prince of Bel-Air. the Prince of Fresh Bel-Air star Will smith as a hyper-caricature version of himself, who moves to Bel-Air to stay with his wealthy uncle Phil (played with great success by the late James avery) and the Banks family after getting into trouble in their hometown of Philadelphia.

His working-class nature often clashed with the well-to-do class of the Banks family, which was at the center of much of the show’s humor. The prince of Bel-Air had that perfect blend of humor and heart, with plenty of life lessons presented to audiences in a way that many viewers could relate to, making it one of the defining family sitcoms of the ’90s and providing the model others of its kind might follow, with varying results.

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